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Bionic Who?


Michelle Ryan is all set to become the next Doctor Who companion. I must say that I am a big fan of her work in England and in the states. She is a great choice for the next companion, lets hope she makes the jump in to the next series after the year of specials. The former EastEnders/Merlin/Bionic Woman actress will appear in Planet of the Dead, which will be broadcast on BBC1 in April. She will play Lady Christina de Souza, who accompanies David Tennant’s Doctor on a dangerous bus trip.


Doctor Who? Anyone…


Ok, so, can I just say that just when I think Doctor Who can’t get any better…IT DOES!!! The season finale this go around was jammed packed with everything a Doctor Who + company fan would ever need – 2 Doctors, Captain Jack, K9, Daelecks (totally don’t know how to spell that), Rose, Mickey, and more.

So, first off can we just say how awesome and hilarious it was to have a Doctor Donna. Best thing ever. AND the 2nd Doctor with her crazy little, attitude filled sayings and wit. Then, Captain Jack, and hell yes Donna we all want as many damn hugs as we can get from him. Yum. Finally, Rose got her Doctor. While it wasn’t really the Doctor, it was the Doctor. Overall, I was one happy, satisfied girl watching the 2 part season finale of Doctor Who.

Do I really have to wait until Christmas to see the Doctor again? 🙁

Big News For Doctor Who?


There is a new man behind the wheel in the Doctor Who Magic Bus. According to the BBC Russell T Davies is to step down as executive producer of Doctor Who. Davies is credited with breathing new life into the show he brought back to television screens in 2005.

Bafta-winning writer Steven Moffat, who has already written some of the most memorable Doctor Who episodes of recent times, including The Girl in the Fireplace and The Empty Child, will succeed Davies as lead writer and executive producer of the fifth series of Doctor Who.