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Thoughts on Twitter

Sure Twitter is great if you are a trend setter or a famous person, but as somebody who doesn’t broadcast a lot of what he is doing, I’m not sure how it is supposed to work for me. I follow people and watch what they say and that is pretty neat, but most of the people I follow already have blogs that I can follow. Maybe it makes it easier for the average celeb to share things than setting up their own blog.

I have followers, but I’m not sure why. Some are people I know, some you can tell are robots or accounts that just followed me because one of my tweets contained a word that some aggregator showed some robot or person something that they attached themselves to my twitter account.

I got that one because at one point I must have tweeted about a pool, or my pool.

I don’t tweet a bunch and I see little interaction, when I do it has been from somebody tweeting at my twitter name that seems to have no clue they are not tweeting at the correct person. I’m not sure how people can get so confused as to tweet at the wrong person, I have my picture on my Twitter profile, I have a blurb about what I do and I have link back to my website. Sure Mike Cooke somewhat common name and there are several of us on twitter, but nobody is really close to my Twitter username.


The person he is talking about, isn’t me, but that is my twitter handle.

Now this one seems to be from some sort of conference. Again not me, you would think that if they had a Mike Cooke speaking and it was important enough to tweet about, that they would make sure they get the correct Mike.

At this point I see Twitter as a tool that may not be useful for me, but it is a great promotional and advertising tool, I just don’t have a lot to promote or advertise.