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Being Honest and Going Back to Basics

Let’s start off with the fact that I’ve probably drafted about 5 different blog entries over the past 2 months but never finished a single one. The thing is, I haven’t completely found my rhythm yet with the new job, new city, new way of life and well, its hard folks.

And with all that is hard in life, my weight has crept up and that is what I am going to talk to you about today. And here is another hard part…being honest. Being honest with all of you. And especially being honest with myself and what I have gotten myself into. What is it that our moms used to always say to us?  Honesty is the best policy? When I started writing about my weight loss journey in the beginning, what did I say?

BE HONEST!  Honesty is the key to losing weight. Especially being honest with yourself and well, I kind of chose to ignore myself over the last few months.

Sure I can give the excuse of moving across the country, trying all the new foods (and I’m talking ALL. THE. FOOD), and starting a new job, but if I get down to it, I wasn’t being honest with myself. I knew what I was doing. I CHOSE to ignore what my mind was telling me.

So, here I am, up 25lbs from 6 months ago and mad at myself. I’ve been through despair, and pity, and now I’m just plain mad. I started this year off with a resolution to be more mindful, yet I completely threw that out the window on day 2 and said F*** it. Being mindful, to me, includes being honest with yourself. And I was none of the above. But with that anger, I’m taking that fire and putting it back into what I know. Round 2, one could say. I’m going back to the basics.

Or in the wise words of several friends and my ever patient husband, “You know what to do Tracy” and I’ll add in a “Duh!”

So, I’m tracking my food, finding an exercise plan that I LOVE (Piyo Round 2!), and adding in a heaping dose of mindfulness. Listening to my body, my mind AND those around me.

excuse the super weird look on my face while I try holding side plank during piyo

I know, I know. I said I didn’t want to track my food again, but when you veer away from the tracks so far you start heading the wrong way, you have to re-route and start back over. This time tracking is different. I’m not setting out a plan and eating every last morsel planned, full or hungry. I’m eating when I’m hungry and ONLY when I’m hungry. This may mean that breakfast comes at 6:15 or at 9:30. It may mean that I have only snacks all day or a big meal at lunch and not much for dinner. I’m being mindful and listening to what my body wants, but within the limits of a calorie restriction.

The lesson learned, time and time again is maintenance is hard. Losing the weight is not an end point. You hear it, but do you really hear it? The maintenance phase after losing is like a dirty little secret that everyone sort of talks about, but doesn’t really want to let you in on when it comes to losing. You want to lose and get to that goal, but then what? Its trial and error and well I may have made a few more errors than I wanted to over the past few months, but here I am now. Being honest with myself. And most importantly all of you. Correcting course and going back to the basics. Remember, it’s a journey with ups and downs but never give up on yourself.


Getting Healthy: Piyo

Well…it’s been awhile.  Life kind of happens and I forget about this thing called blogging.  But, I recently finished a new workout program that I HAVE to share with you.  Now, I love HIIT workouts and I love lifting weights, but Piyo by Chalene Johnson, is none of that.  And it’s awesomeness.  It’s about toning, building strength, and using your body without impact to define the muscles that you have.


When I started Piyo, I’m not going to lie, I was a little skeptical. I was used to jumping up and down like a crazy woman with Shaun T and well a program that touted you were going to burn a ton of calories doing pilates, yoga and body strength exercises sounded a little too good to be true.  But the first time I tried the workouts aptly named Sweat and Drench and came out at the end of the workouts looking like a hot mess, I knew I had found a good workout.

What I really loved about Piyo was no impact.  After doing multiple workouts with a lot of impact, going to a workout that had none felt amazing for my body.  Also, building strength in muscles that I had used, but not really targeted and worked in my other workouts was amazing to see how they were more defined and toned by the end.  Piyo is a 2 month program and I loved every minute of it.

So, here are my Piyo results:



I lost about 7 lbs total on the program, but losing wasn’t really a goal.  Slimming down in the waist line was the biggest improvement I saw as well as a lot more definition in my arms and legs.  Lean and strong!

p.s. You must excuse the craziness across my stomach in the afters….that would be where I burned my stomach like an idiot because I thought it would be a good idea to cook with hot oil in my underwear.  Truly a doh! moment on my part.

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