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Getting Healthy: No Cheat November

Today starts a challenge I have set for myself with friends from MyFitnessPal, r/loseit, and work called No Cheat November.  What does No Cheat November entail you ask?  Just what it says, No Cheating!  It’s your own terms, but it helps solidify whatever good habits you want to set moving you forward in your journey to get healthy.

To me, there are 2 things I will NOT cheat myself on this month:

  • Not skipping a workout and staying focused on my fitness goals.  This month I plan to start and finish the Gamma round of T25.  The 3rd and hardest month of the program.  I want to see some Results!
  • Staying below my calories.  I’ll be honest, lately I’ve been slipping on counting calories some.  Well, I still count them, but whether or not I am over, I haven’t cared as much.  Then I look back and wonder why the scale isn’t moving as fast as it used to.  Duh.  So I’m planning for my birthday and Thanksgiving and a few other occasions with some extra calories here and there, but also with some extra exercise to compensate.  

    Here’s hoping my abs look like this one day!

So, join me for No Cheat November.  Set a plan.  It could be staying below your calories, doing so many squats a day (every day), quitting smoking, whatever you chose.  After a month, reward yourself for not cheating with something special and get the extra reward of setting a habit in place.

Starting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 209lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs