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Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Picked up Lego Marvel Super Heroes for the Xbox 360 a few days ago and wanted to share some thoughts. If you played any of the other Lego games you pretty much know what to expect with Lego Marvel Super Heroes. The only other Lego games that I have played are the Star Wars games and Lego City Undercover on the Wii U. Graphics in Lego Marvel are like that of Lego City Undercover. Graphics appear similar on Wii U, Xbox 360, and PS3 versions of Lego Marvel Super Heroes. Not really sure if it is worth waiting for this...

New Lego MMO? 0

New Lego MMO?

Lego Universe closed down a while back, but we may still get a new Lego MMO in the future. It looks pretty good sort of a mix between Lego City for the Wii U and Diablo. I enjoyed Lego City on the Wii U and I am a fan of MMO’s so I might give it a try should it come out. http://kotaku.com/5921966/lego-getting-a-new-mmo http://kotaku.com/check-out-the-lego-mmo-funcoms-putting-together-for-20-1221638649