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Believing in Yourself and Finding What Works for You

I started a new workout plan about a month ago.  It’s amazing!  And it’s a lifting program.  I’ve been wanting to do a weightlifting program for ages, but for some reason I kept holding myself back.  I’d go back to the same old routines, start one up and a week in I’d get bored.  Finally, I said: “Fuck it, I need to do the program that I want to do and not let what’s in my head stop me.”  


The thing that I have learned over the last few years is if you want to be consistent with exercise, you don’t necessarily have to be consistent with WHAT you are doing; you just have to find what you like to do.  And DO IT!  There are those people that will always do the same workout day in and day out and be perfectly content.  I am NOT one of those people.  I’ve stopped and started plenty of workouts.  

But don’t get frustrated with the process of finding the right one for you.  For me, finding the right workout program has been to find one that has an end point.  Two months, three months, even 30 days, whatever it is, I have an end in sight and that becomes my goal – complete every workout within that program (even if it takes a little longer than the prescribed time frame given).  

And listen to yourself, listen to your friends.  This is where your support network or even the girl in the checkout line who just came from a workout (I’m not afraid to go grocery shopping looking a hot mess after a workout) can help you figure out the right program.  I’ve scoured the internet, read up on different programs and picked some losers and winners based on my support system and their advice.  

Don’t give up on finding the right exercise routine for you if the first one or even tenth one doesn’t work out.  Remember, you’re still getting in the exercise while you find the right one.  

And here’s something else I have learned along the way…actually, let’s back up.  I’ve been listening to a podcast recently during my lifting sessions and I heard this quote and it spoke volumes to me:  


The thing is we hold ourselves back so much when it comes to improving upon oneself.  It’s time to stop.  Remember way back in the day when I did the workout program Insanity?  I almost never started the program.  A program that I ultimately believe propelled me into the remainder of my journey to lose weight.  Why was I scared to start?  Because I didn’t believe I could do it.  I didn’t believe that I could be amazing.  That I was STRONG.  

Belief in yourself can change the course of a goal from failure to achievement.

So, whether it’s Insanity, Strong Curves, yoga, running, Shaun T, or Jillian Michaels, there is a program that is right for you.  Believe in yourself and the strength that you have and get out there!

Insanity Max 30: A Mental Fitness Test

I finished Insanity Max 30 today.  Holy crap I actually finished it.  This program is not for the faint of heart, breath, you name it.

I just need to stop and say, HELL YES, I FINISHED INSANITY MAX 30!!!!

I’m good…  But honestly people, I thought Insanity was hard, but this is hands down the hardest workout program I have ever done.  Physically.  And most importantly, Mentally.



When Shaun T announced that Insanity Max 30 was coming out, I was ready for the challenge.  The original Insanity was one of my first fitness goals I set when I began to lose the weight.  Accomplishing that goal was a huge milestone for me and now after so many other fitness programs, going back to an Insanity program was another big step in my fitness journey.

I’m not going to make this post about weight or inches lost.  Insanity Max 30, while you can lose weight and inches, is about so much more.  This is the most mentally challenging fitness program that I have ever done.  The premise of Insanity is to go all out until you “max out”.  Maxing out is you literally want to die, can’t move, can’t take a breath, falling on the floor, can’t keep form, you get it.  When I put in the first video on day 1, I maxed out at just over 3 minutes.

At that point I thought I had lost my f-ing mind.  I was cussing Shaun T up like no other.  But I maxed out, wrote down my time, picked myself up, ‘found my life’ as Shaun says and kept on.

I kept on for all 60 days.  By the end of each month I was able to double my time.  Each day I challenged myself.  I told myself I would go 30 seconds more.  Or 10 seconds more than the workout the week before.  Whatever I thought I could get to.  Then each workout I would get to that time that I had to beat and have to tell myself to keep going.  To make it to that goal I had set myself.  Some days I did it, some days I didn’t, but each day I didn’t stop.



And each day, I physically and mentally got stronger in this program.  And through my struggles to get myself right in the head with my eating, this program and Shaun T’s motivation have helped me to persevere.  And end each workout looking like a hot mess.

Getting Healthy: Throwback Thursday – From Insanity to So Much More

I’ve talked about it before, but I’m still trying to get used to my “new”, healthier body.  Some days it hits me, like, wow, I’m really this size and other days I still see myself as the 300lb+ woman that I once was and questioning whether or not I can fit somewhere or worrying about breaking a chair.

Lately, I’ve been continuing to deal with a lot of emotional and mental issues surrounding my weight loss and life in general.  Most days my current mental state is Anxiety/Depression 1 | Tracy 0.  In turn, this reflects in my movement to get healthy.  Literally.  Like, I don’t want to move.  I remind myself WHY I started this journey and how I feel after I workout or after I’ve had a good day of eating, but it doesn’t always work.  It’s a journey though, right?  Nothing is going to improve overnight and that’s what I remind myself of when it comes to my mental health, physical health, and overall health.

You are not perfect but you are on a path to improve yourself and to become a healthier, better version of yourself.

So for positive reinforcement and as a reminder of how far I’ve come, for a sort of Throwback Thursday, I wanted to look back at when I started Insanity until now.  In April 2013 I started the Insanity workout program.  I had hit the 250lb mark and had told myself that when I got there I would do Insanity.  A workout program I knew little about other than from infomercials, the web, and in my mind being the hardest workout EVER.  Well, it was the hardest workout ever, but I finished it and it changed my mental state.  Forever.  I went from being scared and not knowing my strength to feeling the strongest I had ever felt.

Completing Insanity propelled me into going after more fitness goals.  Becoming stronger.  Testing my limits.

I’ve realized now that that scared woman in April 2013 changed her mental state for good.  Despite the anxiety and depression that creep back, despite motivation and willpower that waver from time to time, I changed my perspective.  I changed my way of thinking.  I KNOW I am a stronger person now – physically and mentally.

Here it is – the first “before” pic I took in April 2013 when I started Insanity to the “after” pic I took last month after completing 30 Day Shred.

insanity-running-t25-ddpyoga-30dayshred (april 2013-mar 2014) insanity-running-t25-ddpyoga-30dayshred side (april 2013-mar 2014)

Starting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 183lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs

Getting Healthy: Yes, I am Focused!

I completed Shaun T’s latest workout, Focus T25, as of yesterday and have to share my results.  You may remember that I fell in love with Shaun T after completing his Insanity program.  And Focus T25 is AMAZEBALLS, as Shaun would say.  I cannot say enough good things about this program.

The best thing about T25 is that it is only 25 minutes!  Yes, 25 minutes.  Now, seriously, who doesn’t have 25 minutes to get a workout in?  And, it is a WORKOUT.  It’s like a miniaturized version of Insanity but better.  There are 3 phases to T25: Alpha (5 weeks); Beta (5 weeks); and Gamma (4 weeks).  Alpha starts you off doing mostly cardio and body weight exercises.  It is nonstop action.  Then Beta adds more core work and weights!  I kind of really, really, really like exercising with weights.  Finally Gamma brings it all together and you build upon everything you have already learned and its all about getting stronger!  I mean, I now have muscles people.

As with Insanity, I found even more strength in me than I thought I had.  And my body changed even more.  

Here’s a rundown of the results:

  • Lost 22.3lbs total
  • Lost 9.25 inches total
  • Went from approximately 36% body fat to 31% body fat


Starting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 201lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs

Getting Healthy: Yes I am Insane (Final Results)

I was going to wait until Wednesday when I normally post, but I had to share the news! I finished the Insanity workout program on Saturday!  I seriously cried.  I can’t believe I am admitting that, but I cried.  I cried because I’m actually going to miss it (what?!) and I’m proud of myself for sticking to it and pushing myself to where I didn’t think I could go.

Before, during, and after the program you take fit tests to see how you are improving throughout the program.  Basically the fit test gives you 1 minute to do a particular move as many times as possible.  Below is what each move looks like:

insanity-fit-test-sheetLooking back at my first fit test and comparing it to the last test, I just can’t believe how much I improved myself.  Seriously the first fit test I attempted a push-up jack and fell flat on my face, attempted 1 more, same result.  I did 20 on the last fit test.  20!

  • Switch kicks: 36 –> 90
  • Power jacks: 28 –> 43
  • Power knee: 55 –> 83
  • Power jumps: 12 –> 37
  • Globe jumps: 6 –> 10
  • Suicide jumps: 7 –> 13
  • Push-up jacks: 0 –> 20
  • Low plank obliques: 43 –> 60

Then there are the major changes with my body after this 60 day adventure:

Start to end - Insanity (side) Start to end - Insanity (front)

Not just with appearance, but physically I feel better.  Things are just easier.  Here are some stats though:

  • Weight: – 16lbs
  • Waist: -3″
  • Hips: – 3″
  • Arms (total of both): -1″
  • Thighs (total of both): – 3″
  • Calf (total of both): – .5″
  • Down 2 sizes in clothes

If you’ve EVER thought about doing Insanity, just do it.  It will change your life.

Starting weight: 317lbs | Current weight: 234lbs | Goal weight: 175lbs

Getting Healthy: Thank you MyFitnessPal


I’ve mentioned MyFitnessPal before, but without this handy program/app I wouldn’t have made it as far as I have come in my weight loss journey.  MyFitnessPal is a completely free calorie tracking program via the web and/or mobile phone app that allows you to input your food via manual input, searching through their HUGE database (including TONS of restaurants/fast food places), putting recipes in, and even with a bar code scanner!

When you set up a profile, it calculates your daily calorie needs based on age, weight, height, how much you want to lose, and your activity level.  Then you have accountability and a way to see what is going in your mouth!  The key is to put EVERYTHING in, no matter what; good days or bad days.

One of the other things I LOVE about MyFitnessPal is how many things you can track and then see reports like the below.  It’s serious motivation for me and the nerd in me loves a good chart.  weightprogress

Thank you Insanity for the awesome chart on calories burned over the last 7 days!

Free Calorie Counter, Diet & Exercise Journal - MyFitnessPal.com

Also, you can make some really great friends on MyFitnessPal.  I have met so many people in the same process and we help motivate each other every day.  It really makes you feel good when people recognize the hard work you are putting in and you are able to help motivate others on their journey.

If you want to add me as a friend, please do: http://www.myfitnesspal.com/libelluler

Starting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 238lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs