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The Ebay App For iOS

In my pursuit of Disney Vinylmation figures I have been using Ebay quite often as of late. I rediscovered the Ebay app for iOS and it is probably one of the best designed apps I have ever used on my iPhone. It does exactly what you think it would do and it does it beautifully.

Now I have only used the app as a buyer, so I can’t really say anything from the sellers side of things. The app allows you to search, watch, buy, and sell anything on Ebay. It uses the iOS notifications to let you know what is going on from being outbid to when you win the auction. It has timers for watched items ending soon and for auctions ending soon.


Bidding is super easy and most of the details of the auction come across as needed. I say most of the details come across because some sellers use some sort of flash auction services in their listings and of course flash is a no go on iOS.

Pictures come across clean and crisp. You can even pay for your item via Paypal as well as leave feedback and track your packages through the app. Leaving feedback is a super smooth process of choosing between positive, negative, neutral, click on the desired star rating, then leaving some brief text.

You can see recent feedback numbers for the sellers, but I wish you could dive into the feedback a little more to see comments rather than just total numbers and percentages.