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Disney Infinity


Disney Infinity is a game that comes on the heals of Skylanders. A mix of collectable figures and digital gaming goodness.

Our family got Disney Infinity for Christmas this year. We started with the core game for Xbox 360 which includes the game disc, three game worlds, and three starter figures. You get Sully from Monster’s University, Mr. Incredible from the Incredibles, and Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean. We also started with the Sidekick pack which contains Barbosa (Pirates), Mike Wazowski (Monster’s University), and Mr’s Incredible (The Incredibles). Later we purchased the villain pack which contains Davy Jones (Pirates), Randy (Monster’s University), and Syndrome (The Incredibles).

Each character can play in his/her world or you can mix and match the characters in the Toy Box. As of this posting the available worlds are from The Incredibles, Monster’s University, Pirates of the Caribbean, Toy Story, The Lone Ranger, and Cars. We own all of them except for the Cars Set. On each world you can play by going out on missions. Once you complete the missions you are pretty much done with the world. On average the play time on the worlds are around 5-6 hours.

The Incredibles

Monster’s University


In each world and in the Toy Box you can also run around collecting toy capsules. These capsules are like the things you used to get out of toy vending machines at grocery stores. Little plastic capsules holding toys. The toys you find in these capsules can then be used to build things in the Toy Box World. You can also unlock toy vaults or treasure boxes by visiting them with specific characters.

You can go a bit crazy collecting all the different characters. Keep in mind though that while a few work in the specific game levels some figures will only work in the Toy Box.

The Toy Box mode is kind of like Minecraft in that it is basically an adventure game with a building mode. You can use any of the pieces you have collected so far to build out a fantasy world. You can also explore other pre-made worlds. Build a race track, a pinball game, a giant castle, a sports stadium, and much much more.

Sam loves watching Tracy and I play and I can’t wait until she is skilled enough with a controller to join in by controlling player 2. We have been playing it in Co-Op mode 90% of the time. Co-OP play is presented via vertical split screen. Our play sessions have been running in the 1-2 hours when we sit down to play Disney Infinity.

You can also buy and collect Disney Infinity Discs. These come in the form of items, terrain, sky, and power discs. The first three can only be used in the Toy Box mode to help you build different worlds. The power discs can help you in the game world.

You can combine up to 2 power discs while playing the game to grant your character special powers. You can do things like earn extra money, have an energy shield, gain extra sparks on enemy kills etc… You can even get special combos to unlock a third benefit when you mix and match the proper power discs.

Infinity Discs

I do have to give a warning though, Disney Infinity has the pleasure of being the first video game to ever make me motion sick. I am not sure why exactly, but I think it has to do with the position of the character low to the ground with the high camera. Toss in some heavy camera rotation when playing two player vertical split screen and I get some basic motion sickness. Not enough to not play, but after a few hours I start to feel it.

Ignoring that bit Disney Infinity is super fun and has hours worth of playability and replay ability.