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Back at the Arcade

We went back to the Round 1 arcade last weekend and had tons more fun. We spent more credits on the claw machines/ufo catchers this time around and at eight credits a pop our time at the arcade just fly right on by. Like I said in my previous post I’m still not 100% sold on these UFO catchers. I would rather have a joystick instead of direction buttons. I also feel that you have to trick the prize out of the holders, it’s not really a claw game, it’s more like a game of trick shot. You have to get the claw in the right place at the right time to bang, flip or push the prize into the hole. The only prizes I was able to win were from the old school claw games.

With a jackpot on the ball dropping game, we are now up somewhere around 5500 tickets for our two visits, down some $$$, and fun was had by all.