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Kickstarter: Muku Shuttr – Remote iPhone Shutter Control


Muku Shuttr – World’s Slimmest Remote Camera Control for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Notes 2, LG Nexus 4. No app needed!

It works both on iOS and Samsung S4, S3, Notes 2, 10.1, LG Nexus 4 and many other Android 4.1+ devices with bluetooth 3.0+. It works WITHOUT downloading or installing 3rd party camera app!*

At 6 mm thickness, it is the world’s thinnest remote shutter release ever invented! So small that you can carry it as a keychain so that you capture every precious moments in your daily life.

I take a lot of pictures of my daughter with my iPhone for my Sammo Project page and a remote control shutter will come in very handy.

Backed in an instant and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

Having Trouble Viewing the Video? Visit the Kickstarter Project Page by Clicking Here

Subler: iTunes Tagging Made Easy


I archive my movies onto my iMac on iTunes and then play them over AppleTv units to my TVS. Doing it that way works for playing the files, but the cover art and the meta data does not just appear. I have tried a few methods in the past such as Identify and Meta X but they didn’t always work on my files. The automated lookups failed for various reasons such as misspelled titles or adding the year to the file name to differentiate between a classic movie and a remake movie. If the lookup failed I was often stuck with the wrong meta data with no way to change it using the automated options.

Recently I came across Subler. Which works great for my needs. The searching isn’t really as automated as the searching in Identify or Meta X. You have to manually add the files to the program, hit search, find the correct entry, then add that entry to the queue. If there is a way to get it to auto search from your iTunes library I have yet to figure out that process. Where Subler shines is its manual input. If a file is misspelled or has extra text I can fix the spelling or delete the extra text and search a for the info a second time. Subler allows you to select the proper meta info and it allows you to choose from multiple artwork choices.



Kickstarter: Sparx Flash Case

Along the lines of the Spark light sockets the Sparx Flash case for iPhone/iOS flashes when you get a call or text message on your iPhone. Alerts via light cues can help out those hard of hearing above and beyond a phones standard vibration option. Powered by the iPhone’s LED flash and iOS’s “LED Flash for Alerts” feature, Sparx illuminates for calls, texts, and notifications. The phone and OS can already do this, the Sparx case just enhances what can already be done on the phone.

Angry Birds Star Wars

Do we really need more angry birds? Before playing Angry Birds Star Wars edition I would have said no, but after giving it a go I must say I like it more than the original birds.

The abilities of the Star Wars versions of the birds are super fun and the story follows along with that is Star Wars episode IV. You start off as Luke Skywalker bird and all you you can do is bash into things. You then unlock Obiwon bird and can use force push. A little more gaming and Luke bird gets his light saber which can deflect blaster bolts and cut through objects. A bit further in you unlock Han Solo bird who has the ability to shoot his blaster in any direction.

After progressing along in the story you move on to space and the gameplay changes to be more like Angry Birds Space. So you get both styles of gameplay from the first Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space for the price of one game.

Controls are on par with the other birds games. The graphics look amazing for what they are. Clean lines, vibrant colors, and a little added sense of depth make this a good looking game.

I would say pick this up if you are an Angry Birds fan or a Star Wars Fan.