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New Look For The New Year


I have been working on a new theme for 2013 and here it is.

It is a modified version of the Hueman Theme by Alx

It may still need some tweaking here and there, but for the most part it is ready to go.

Thumbnails should be generating for the related post bits.

The rotating link hover animations inside posts don’t work so great in IE, but are still functional. They look great in most other browsers.

We now have two sidebars to the right. I may still play around with item locations, but they are good enough for now.

The sight is still responsive. The sidebars are are collapsable at lower resolutions.

Let me know if you come across any major issues in the comments.

Site Updated With Required+ Foundation


I have used several different theme frameworks for the base of my site. I started the new look for my site by modifying an existing theme called Delicate. Delicate is a nifty little theme, but I wanted a bit more so I moved to Paglines. Pagelines gave me more than I ever needed in a theme framework and I found myself not using most of what was there.

I began looking into making my own themes and decided to look for a free framework that I could base my new themes on and came across Foundation. I poked around a bit more and found out some nice people had already setup the Foundation bits to work with WordPress. I tried out WP-Foundation, Reverie and a few others.

I ended up choosing to go with required+ Foundation. I chose required+ Foundation because it was already setup with the child theme in mind. Although it is pretty easy to create a child theme for any Worpdress theme it was nice that the groundwork was already there. Required+ Foundation is also the new hot thing on the block. It doesn’t bother with options so everything is done in code which will help with my development as a designer.

I have required+ Foundation setup here on my CookeFamily Blog and over at The Sammo Project. I plan on working out some new styles via child themes for distribution in the future.

Why WordPress?

For those of you that have been long time readers of my blog you may know that I have tried pretty much every cms/blogging solution out there. I have tried Joomla, Drupal, older versions of WordPress, Squarespace, Tumblr, Posterous, and many many others.

So why come back to WordPress? I came back to wordpress because I think it is coming into its own. To put it simply the backend is there to support my needs without requiring 50 plugins to make it do what I want it to do.

My previous blogging tool was Posterous, and while they were pretty good, I just didn’t feel like it was doing everything I wanted to do in the way I wanted to do it. The transition between Posterous and WordPress was easy with the import from Posterous plugin. I was even able to change my tags from Posterous into WordPress categories using another plugin.

I still have to go through the posts and clean up any transition errors and I may move again in the future if something better comes along, but overall I am happy with my move to back to WordPress

Last Day of Work


Today is my last day at the old Pet Smart. I worked there from June/July of 2008 to March of 2010. I worked on the registers, I took care of the pets, I stocked, and I managed. I have made friends that I will miss not seeing every day, but I will keep in touch with them on Facebook and by visiting the store. I never thought I would like working a job in Retail, but I loved it. Anyone that really knows me knows that I am very task oriented and love to organize, so I fit in great in the retail world. I worked with  a great group of managers and associates. It was really more like an extended family than it was work. Some of my favorite memories from work.

  • Putting the dog igloos up on the top shelves with Justin
  • Setting up the Top Stock shelves with Kara
  • First time working overnight with Kelly doing incremental pallets
  • Working alone open to close on a Sunday when Heather called in sick.
  • Going cash only one day during the ice storm with Dave & David
  • Working the trucks with Courtney
  • Counting items during inventory with Krystal and Kenny, yay 16+ hour day
  • Making trash Santas with Krystal
  • Getting the Forklift stuck outside in the snow with Kenny