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WordPress Backup

Backups are important, be it computer data backups or website/Wordpress backups. You can get backups through your host, Cpanel/Plesk, whatever, but sometimes it is nice to have WordPress backups either for backup purposes or for transferring from one web host to another.

Two tools I like that make WordPress backups a snap are BackWPup and BackupBuddy. Both of these plugins do a similar job and they do it well. You can even use both to have double backups. Both allow for local backups and offsite backups. You can schedule your backups to run at pretty much any interval with either plugin.

BackWPup is free, but offers little to no support. You pretty much only get what you can find in a google search.

Backupbuddy is $75 to $150 depending how many sites you want to use it on, but you get full support.

BackWPup is my current favorite of the two. I like that it is more visual in what it is doing.

I have also not run into as many errors in the backup process with BackWPup as I did with Backupbuddy, but then again I am only using it on one host which has worked well with both plugins.

Backupbuddy is overall pretty decent. I did run into a couple of issues depending on what host my clients were using, but overall it did the job as needed. There were a lot of times where I got errors and really had no idea why. Most of the errors ended up being size related, removing older files and folders from backups seemed to help with most errors I came across.

The best part about backup buddy is the import buddy script. Import buddy is an almost one click solution for transferring your site from one host to another. Great for a developer who needs to develop a site on a test server then transfer the full site over to a client’s hosting service.

If you know what you are doing with a zip of your files and a database file then you will do fine with BackWPup. If you need a little more hand holding I totally recommend Backupbuddy. You can’t go wrong with either choice, just make sure you are backing your stuff up.