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Things not to do when you go shopping during the ice storm 0

Things not to do when you go shopping during the ice storm

Now I must add a disclaimer before this post. I work in a small store. Most of the time there are less than four workers in the store at any time and they each have their own section of the store to take care of. Do not be upset when you can not buy something because the power is out. Most big box retailers rely on computers for pricing, scanning & charging you for products. If the power is out there is not much we can do. Do not be upset with the person helping you for any reason. It...


From The Cube To The Big Box

This is an outline of a series of posts that I have planned on moving from a Cube or Office type job to one in Retail at one of the “Big Box” retailers. In this series I will talk about many things that I had to deal with in my transition from office worker to retail worker. Here is a rough outline of some of the things I will be covering: Making the transition from salaried to hourly Dealing with the public Tips and tricks to help you get through the day The Closing Process Much much more


Happiness Thy Name Is Retail

I used to be unhappy at my job. I’m not sure why I really stayed. Probably fear of change. Like most people I was stuck where I was and it took something major to move me on to my next path. I was unemployed for three months or so, good thing for that 2008 stimulus check. I spent the time job hunting. Not much to do in this little town. I went on a few interviews, never really heard back from them. What is up with that anyway, can’t people at least have the decency to email or call to...


Can you not just be happy to have a job?

I don’t know what it is with people these days, but you would think with the current economy and most people NOT having a job, if you had one you would be thrilled. I know I am! Recently though, this doesn’t seem to be the case with those individuals I have run into. Now granted the majority of those individuals were working in a grocery store, fast food restaurant, or clothing store, but come on! I know that if I lost my job today, I would apply to all those places, just so I could find the money to support...


You should work to live, not live to work.

My mom reminded me the other day of a saying that my grandfather used to always say to us – “You should work to live not live to work.” Its very true and something that I have been struggling with a lot lately since I became the only person handling the legal affairs of a $1B global company. What does “You should work to live not live to work” mean? Its meaning is simple, but to me, the meaning is, work isn’t everything. Like I said though, its hard. Its hard for a lot of people not to have their...