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Back at the Arcade 0

Back at the Arcade

We went back to the Round 1 arcade last weekend and had tons more fun. We spent more credits on the claw machines/ufo catchers this time around and at eight credits a pop our time at the arcade just fly right on by. Like I said in my previous post I’m still not 100% sold on these UFO catchers. I would rather have a joystick instead of direction buttons. I also feel that you have to trick the prize out of the holders, it’s not really a claw game, it’s more like a game of trick shot. You have to...

Arcade Youtube Videos 0

Arcade Youtube Videos

I recently started watching some arcade videos on YouTube and got Sam hooked on them as well. Here are some examples of the videos we have been watching. There is something zen about watching other people play arcade games especially the coin pushers. We decided to give it a try ourselves. I grew up going to playing video games (still do) and going to arcades. Nice to see some more modern larger places like Round 1, Dave & Busters, and GameWorks keeping the arcade alive. Sure we played in the arcade when we visited the Great Wolf Lodge from time to time, but...


Top 3 Eastside Spots for a Holey Breakfast

Chuck’s Donuts – Renton Highlands 5335 4th St. #1, Renton WA 98059 They keep the donut making going for a good portion of the day. however, you should still make sure you get here early on the weekends to get a fresh crispy donut before they run out of parking. The maple bars are to die for. The frosting on both the maple bar and the chocolate bar is some sort of soft creamy whipped creation that will have you coming back for more. There are a few seats if you want to sit and eat your dozen maple bars at Chuck’s...


Seattle Trip May 2009

In addition to buying a new home, moving, and me getting a promotion at work, Tracy and I took a trip to Seattle in May. It was our first time there. Having grown up in Southern California coast I really enjoyed being near the water again. Tracy was there for the INTA conference. I was there just to get a vacation. We ate lots of great food. We went to the city center, aquarium, science center, music experience, space needle, and took a harbor cruise.