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Lex BurgerQuest : Sawyer’s Burger



The next burger on my Quest to find the best burger in Lexington, KY was the bacon cheeseburger from Sawyer’s. Now this is a different kind of burger than the last two I reviews. The Sawyer’s burger is a smaller burger cooked more like street food or food truck food. Made to order, simple meat on a flat grill and a bun.

The Sawyer’s burger was good, but it lacked the flavors that the Copper River Grill Burger or Bronte Burger’s had. It was a busy lunch time so maybe cooking all the burgers at once so quickly diminished the flavor. Or perhaps it is the size of the burger patty.

Fries were good, the cheese and bun were great, but the burger patty itself was just a greasy burger.

BurgerQuest Ranking So Far:

Big Kahuna Burger ( Bronte Bistro )
Bigfoot Mother In Law ( Copper River Grill )
Sawyer’s Bacon Cheese Burger ( Saywer’s Downtown )

Kentucky Ice Storm 2009

The news stations are reporting it as the worst ice storm to hit since, well the last ice storm of 2003.

We in Lexington are currently under ice.

At last count there were over thirty thousand without power in Lexington and over five hundred thousand without power in the state of Kentucky.

Tracy and I were lucky enough to only lose power for two hours during the first day of the storm. We have several trees that have bent over due to the weight of the ice coating them and many downed branches. We will have to wait for the thaw before we can see if the trees will make it or not.

There were some crazy people on the road who clearly should have stayed at home. I don’t know what it is about rain, ice, or snow, but people around here can’t seem to drive in any of those conditions. I saw multiple cars spinning their tires on the ice trying to race into the traffic flow of the next road. I saw many people driving way too fast and way too close to the car in front of them. I saw way too many people driving in ice and snow covered cars. Please take the time to de-ice your car before trying to go 55mph+ on a road with cars around you, the ice will fly off your car towards those behind you.

Our neighborhood is never plowed so that part was a bit slippery. The main roads were not that bad and I was able to make it in to work each day which kind of sucked because I ended up being one of the few employees to actually show up so no breaks for me and no extra help for the customers. The good news for me and the bad news for the store is we didn’t have that many customers. If things thaw out this weekend it should be pretty busy at the store. We were open all week with the exception of closing early the first day of the ice. People came in for the strangest reasons. Half the time all I could think was why are you coming out for that item on the iciest day of the year.

I could understand coming in for dog or cat food, your pets have to eat, but do you really need to go out in the ice to adopt a cat or buy a Shepard’s hook to hang a bird feeder in your yard? Can’t that wait a few days until the ice melts? Be safe out there Lexington and be patient, the ice will melt, power will come back, and life will get back to normal.

Honky Hoedown

In a million years I never thought I would see what I saw a few weeks ago, outright theft. Not one stranger robbing another stranger, but neighbors robbing neighbors.

So it seems that one of neighbors got evicted. The landlord came and opened up their apartment, took everything out of it and left it on the sidewalk in front of our buildings. What do the other neighbors do after the cop and the landlord leave? They start taking things. I really don’t know what mindset you have to have to think that doing this would be ok. The cops eventually show up again and the thieves scurry back to their apartments. I of course don’t really know them, but I know who they are, they are my neighbors, next door, three doors down, yeah I know you. The ones who owned all this stuff returned after work that day to find all of their belongings out on the sidewalk. Their dog was locked inside the apartment, their cat was missing. According to the shocked couple, the landlord never told them it would come to this. They had more than one xbox, prescription medicine, and a purse, full of money, credit cards, ids, etc… All gone.

I guess this is just a testament to the area I live in or perhaps the county as a whole today. We used to be a society that looked after each other. A few years ago you could have left your door unlocked. You could have trusted your neighbor to watch over your property. People looked after each other, communities took care of their own. In this modern society we are connected to everything. Most of us have a phone, tv, some have the internet. Instant access to people, news, entertainment, etc..

Even though we are so connected we as a society have never been more far apart. Sure some people do their part for charities, but as a whole, Americans seem to want to keep to themselves. I know I find myself guilty of this from time to time. Are we that blinded that we can’t see what is going on around us? Do you ignore the homeless man on street asking for money? Do you ignore the down on their luck person selling flowers near your daily freeway offramp? I know I have. I don’t really have a solution to this problem. The only thing I can do is try to be a better human being. Forget Americans vs everyone else, forget rich vs poor, just remember we are all human beings and should at least treat each other with the common human decency that we all deserve.