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Cincinnati Zoo

Recently I took a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo in Cincinnati Ohio.


I went with my wife and a friend. We spent a few hours wondering around the zoo checking out various animals and scoping out the new Giraffe habitat that they were building. This was my first trip to the zoo, and having grown up in Southern California, which has great zoos, I was expecting something a little bigger.

The entrance was nice, the walkways were clean. The animals seemed happy and they were very eager to pose for a few pictures. They did have a cute baby rhino who looked like he loved sticking his face in the mud. Also the elephants seemed extraordinarily happy with their environments. The peacocks were pretty much free to roam around the zoo. We got through the zoo in a few hours. I am sorry to say there was not much more to see than that.

I went in with the intention on getting a year pass so I could return, but left without one, feeling that I wished there was more to see. Overall it is a fun half day or full day trip and worth it if you have kids that want to see the animals.

Here are some photos of my time at the zoo.




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