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Summer Got Away From Us

Here we are sitting at one day until School starts up again and we don’t have much to show for our summer this year. It feels like we went everywhere around Seattle last summer and didn’t do a quarter of what we wanted to do this summer. Both Tracy and I were super busy at work so we ended up spending most weekends at home being bums. We wanted to do more outdoors stuff, but like the title says the summer kind of got away from us.

We had an unplanned move across town to a new apartment (more pics here).

I fell in love with the view at first sight + we now have air conditioning.

Last weekend we decided to go to Spokane and check out the Pig Out In the Park Food Festival. This was our first trip to Spokane. We enjoyed our time there and got to see some of the local sights. We found a Sonic and drank some cherry lime aids. I got to try Blaze Pizza, only to find out it is just like Mod Pizza.

Sammo played on the big wagon.


We saw the falls.

We ate some good food at the festival.

We enjoyed a super cool and yummy breakfast at Frank’s Diner

and I still need to work on that Zoo video that I promised in my last post.

Back at the Arcade

We went back to the Round 1 arcade last weekend and had tons more fun. We spent more credits on the claw machines/ufo catchers this time around and at eight credits a pop our time at the arcade just fly right on by. Like I said in my previous post I’m still not 100% sold on these UFO catchers. I would rather have a joystick instead of direction buttons. I also feel that you have to trick the prize out of the holders, it’s not really a claw game, it’s more like a game of trick shot. You have to get the claw in the right place at the right time to bang, flip or push the prize into the hole. The only prizes I was able to win were from the old school claw games.

With a jackpot on the ball dropping game, we are now up somewhere around 5500 tickets for our two visits, down some $$$, and fun was had by all.

Arcade Youtube Videos

I recently started watching some arcade videos on YouTube and got Sam hooked on them as well. Here are some examples of the videos we have been watching.

There is something zen about watching other people play arcade games especially the coin pushers.

We decided to give it a try ourselves. I grew up going to playing video games (still do) and going to arcades. Nice to see some more modern larger places like Round 1, Dave & Busters, and GameWorks keeping the arcade alive. Sure we played in the arcade when we visited the Great Wolf Lodge from time to time, but walking into a building dedicated to arcade games was a blast from the past. The sights, sounds, and smells, it was like I was a young boy again. I am glad that I have the opportunity to share that with my daughter, now if I can just talk her into only playing games that payout the most tickets.

I’m still not sure about this new UFO catcher claw machines. I don’t like limiting my potential prize winnings to one or two items and I wish they worked like the old ones I am used to. My claw reflexes kept tapping the second arrow instead of holding it down.

We will be going back for more Arcade fun in the future.

Top 3 Eastside Spots for a Holey Breakfast

Chuck’s Donuts – Renton Highlands
5335 4th St. #1, Renton WA 98059

They keep the donut making going for a good portion of the day. however, you should still make sure you get here early on the weekends to get a fresh crispy donut before they run out of parking. The maple bars are to die for. The frosting on both the maple bar and the chocolate bar is some sort of soft creamy whipped creation that will have you coming back for more. There are a few seats if you want to sit and eat your dozen maple bars at Chuck’s place.

Top Pot Donuts @ The Landing in Renton
The Landing, 815 N 10th St f, Renton, WA 98057

Sure Top Pot seems like is everywhere, but this is one of my favorite locations. Like real estate it is all about location, location, location. This location is warm and inviting on the inside and provides a nice place to stroll around if you want to get your nut on the go. The Seattle team-colored donuts will keep you in a sporty spirit. When you are done with your coffee and donuts you can take a walk around The Landing for some shopping or take in a movie.

Blazing Bagels Redmond
6975 176th Ave NE #365, Redmond, WA 98052

Another busy spot on the weekends unless you get there before the brunch crowd. Not only do they bagels and cream cheese, but you can get sandwich bagels as well. Grab a dozen bagels on the go or sit and enjoy a toasted bagel and some cofee. With over thirty different kinds of bagels, this is the place to be for a holey breakfast or lunch if you are not into that whole donut thing.