Category: Cats

New Fuzzy Friend


One of the problems with working in a pet store is all the pets up for adoption. I am a sucker for a sweet face.

Please welcome our 6th kitty cat, Srunchie. Scrunhie is about 4 months old. She is a calico kitty as you can see. Her bottom half is mostly all white. She enjoys jumping on the backs of our other cats and climbing the fake plants in our living room. She also plays a mean game of fetch.

The loss of a loved one


Even though she only spent eight months on earth and a few less than that in our home we will miss our first loss. Last Sunday our youngest kitten, Munchie Noodles, passed away. The vet said it was due to her liver. She was a little cat, it seems that her size was also due to her bad liver. We never had any bloodwork done with her as she always appeared healthy.

Last week we knew she was sick, but we didn’t know the extent of the sickness. We made an appointment to take her in on Monday and went away for a one night getaway on Saturday. We came home Sunday afternoon and Munchie greeted us at the door. We went to check on her after unpacking from our trip and found her sprawled out on the bed unable to stand up. We called the vet emergency line and rushed her to the hospital. The vet tried to give her fluids and it seemed to help for a bit, but she was too far gone at that point. She moved her head to look at Tracy and stopped breathing. The vet tried to revive her, but she was gone.

Munchie Noodles held on long enough to say goodbye to us. We will always have a small piece of our heart for our littlest kitty.