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American Pickers


Now that I have cable again I can get back into all of the shows that catch your eye as you flip around the channels.

For me, one of those shows was American Pickers on the History Channel. I really enjoy shows about history and junk/treasure/historical items. This is a great show for people who like all of those things. The show follows two pickers, Mike and Frank around the country as they pick their way through America's junk piles. They try to find items at a fair price that they can later sell or fix up and sell. 

This show makes me really want to get a truck or van and start driving around looking for stuff. It really works the saying that one man's junk is another man's treasure.

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The doctor is in


New season
New doctor
New tardis
New companion
New adventures
New show runner
New sonic screwdriver
New awesomeness

There was a lot of history to live up to and I think our new doctor made the grade. The action and story were up to par with others in the recent world of doctor who. Matt Smith played the doctor role well brining his own flair to it with a little bit of the last doctor thrown in for good measure. The new tardis was a nice touch. Amy Pond, the new companion played by Karen Gillan seems to be a good fit with our new doctor.

Season 5 is already out the BBC and will start airing in the US in a few weeks. From the previews this season looks like it will be a great one with many fabulous adventures.

Being Erica


A few weeks ago one of our friends suggested that Tracy and I should watch a show called Being Erica. We did and we liked it. For those that do not know, Being Erica is a show about love, life, regrets, and time travel.

The show follows the life of Erica Strange, a 30 something MBA who works in call center. The show opens with her getting fired, getting an allergic reaction to hazel nuts in her coffee and winding up in the hospital where she meets her therapist Dr. Tom.

For therapy Dr. Tom sends Erica back in time to re-live her biggest regrets. This is where we learn that our actions and what we do in our lives help us to become the people we are today. Try as she might, Erica can’t always change what happens, but she can change how she reacted to what happened.

The show aired originally in Canada and is a Canadian based show. The story takes place in Toronto.  You can catch Being Erica on SOAPnet and on DVD : Being Erica: Season One


I give Being Erica 5 out of 5 Monkeys: