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Looking For Some of My Favorite TV Show Musicians/Bands

So as you may be able to tell I am a fan of TV. In I guess you can call them recent years we have watched several music based reality shows. The first was Bands on the Run on VH1 where we fell in love with a band named Flickerstick. There sound was something we both enjoyed, we also thought they had a great attitude about music. It seemed that they were one of the few bands at the time that were really into it just for the music. You can also check them out on their myspace page. One of the reasons that I enjoy Flickerstick’s music so much is due to the energy the whole band puts into each and every performance. You can almost say that they play every gig like it may be there last. It shows in the heart that comes out in every note that comes out of their instruments, and every word in each song.

Brandon Lea, one of Flickerstick’s founding members and somebody most identify with the unique sound and energy of Flickerstick also has a side project going called February Chorus. Check out February Chorus on their myspace page.

The next show would probably be Nashville Star, not the junk that is currently on as Nashville Star, but the older versions of this show, that showcased true talent. The first musician that we enjoyed from this show was Brad Cotter. From watching shows like American Idol which at the time only allowed people to sing, it was a pleasure to see Nashville Star where people could sing and play instruments. Brad was amazing on the piano. His song I miss me is a great look into how ones personal experiences and emotional events make for a great song. In doing a recent search, it looks like Brad was dropped by his record label, but has found a new one and is working on some new stuff.

The next artist I wanted updates on was Ryan Star from the show Rock Star Supernova. Another artist that in my opinion takes a part of himself and shares it with the audience every time he opens his mouth to sing. His energy, charisma, and intensity on stage helped him win over many fans on that show. Recent news on Ryan Star seems that his career is moving in a great direction. One of his new songs was featured on the P.S. I love You Soundtrack. According to Ryan’s blog he is currently looking for band members to join him on recording his new album. Check out his other work on his myspace page.