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Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 2 –


A few more Kickstarter projects that caught my eye.

Hand coded, bootstrap compatible, retina ready, four versions of each icon, css options and customisation, browser friendly, free. Created in Corel Draw following strict guidelines for consistent look and feel.

Exported SVG files are manually optimized, compressed and URI encoded. Colours of mono versions are controlled via external style sheet for easy ticking. Bootstrap compatible style sheet for instant deployment. HTML templates and documentation.

All source artwork of icons are included as SVG files.

Never making your bed again: There’s a wonderful moment when you wake up in Smart Bedding for the first time. You’ll roll out of bed, flatten your duvet, and walk away. Everyone who uses it never wants to go back.

No more messy sheets: It’s something we all deal with everyday – tucking, untangling, and realigning sheets. Lets face it… traditional bedding is sh*t! Smart Bedding solves these problems.

The problem with the traditional home router is that it just isn’t powerful enough. Think of today’s routers like cell phones from 10 years ago. They handle one or two core functions well, but don’t have the ability or power for increased performance. You couldn’t play Words With Friends or get turn by turn directions on those basic cell phones of the past.

Sabai Technology’s goal is to start the same kind of revolution at the network core that smartphones brought to mobile. JaiRo will move the router from a closed, embedded platform, to a fluid, open-source, powerful computing platform. JaiRo is the future of home and small business networking.

Kickstarter: Four-Pawed Pet Bowls!


Tired of using two legged bowls for your furry friends? Check out the Four pawed pet bowls for dogs and cats. The bowls are stoneware, dishwasher and even microwave safe.


Tiny Cat Bowl 4″ diameter x 2.75″ high

Small Cat Bowl 5″ diameter x 3.75″ high

Medium Cat Bowl 6″ diameter x 4″ high

Medium Dog Bowl 7″ diameter x 4″ high (Best for dogs no more than 40/50 pounds)

Large Dog Bowl 9″ diameter x 5″ high (Best for dogs above 50 pounds)

Cute idea and super cute video. Only a few days left and I wish them the best of luck.

Having Trouble Viewing the Video? Visit the Kickstarter Project Page by Clicking Here

Kickstarter: HALVED: Dinnerware


HALVED: Dinnerware that makes you eat less. Part time dieters rejoice! Here’s a plate, mug and bowl set that forces you to drink and eat half of all your meals.

It’s hard to eat less when your plate isn’t cooperating. Meet HALVED, a tongue in cheek dinnerware set that is funny and useful.

HALVED is exactly what it is- a ceramic plate, mug and bowl set that has been halved. It comes in 5 colours- green, blue, yellow, white and brown.

Having Trouble Viewing the Video? Visit the Kickstarter Project Page by Clicking Here

Kickstarter: Muku Shuttr – Remote iPhone Shutter Control


Muku Shuttr – World’s Slimmest Remote Camera Control for iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy S4/S3, Notes 2, LG Nexus 4. No app needed!

It works both on iOS and Samsung S4, S3, Notes 2, 10.1, LG Nexus 4 and many other Android 4.1+ devices with bluetooth 3.0+. It works WITHOUT downloading or installing 3rd party camera app!*

At 6 mm thickness, it is the world’s thinnest remote shutter release ever invented! So small that you can carry it as a keychain so that you capture every precious moments in your daily life.

I take a lot of pictures of my daughter with my iPhone for my Sammo Project page and a remote control shutter will come in very handy.

Backed in an instant and can’t wait to get my hands on it.

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Kickstarter: Gift Couture Steak Wrapping Paper


Steak Wrapping Paper A great gift wrapping idea for all of your veggie/vegan friends as well as your meat eating friends.

This meat loving wrap is a versatile design that can be combined with other elements–such as butcher paper and meat trays, for a highly unique gifting experience!

A great idea and a decent starting backer pledge level of $15 for a set of wrap. I’m backing this one.

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Kickstarter: Chain mail Collars For Cats


You like to be stylish, so why shouldn’t your pet? Kit them out with a chainmail collar with safety clasp and make your pet stand out!

Make your furry friend a furry warrior with Catmaille Chainmail Cat Collars.

The Chainmail Cat Collar is constructed from aluminium rings handmade using a chainmail technique called “Full Persian Weave”. This is a strong weave that won’t come apart. The collar also incorporates a safety clasp into the design. This is to ensure should your cat become trapped on a branch or fence for example, the collar will not trap the cat and will break under stress.

Nice to see they took into account that cats need breakaway collars. Available in multiple colors and also now available for dogs as well.

Having Trouble Viewing the Video? Visit the Kickstarter Project Page by Clicking Here