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Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 6 –


Soft and chewy Turkish Delights. Amazing flavors- Chocolate Cake, Crumb Cake, Pina Colada and more!

If you’ve ever had fresh Turkish Delights, then you will love Daydream Delights. They are tender and delicately chewy like orange slices or soft gumdrops but in these delicious flavors: German Chocolate Cake, Cinnamon Crumb Cake, Apple Martini, Mai Tai and Pina Colada and introducing a limited edition Cappuccino.

Apple Martini
Go Metropolitan !! Our Apple Martini steals the show with a subtle tart undertone of a crisp Granny Smith apple.

Mai Tai
Maybe tiki torches and Tahiti are your day dream. Then a smooth Mai Tai is what will quench your taste. Mai Tai translates from Tahitian to mean ‘Out Of This World’ !

Pina Colada
Want to be carried away to a tropical beach sitting under a shady palm tree, looking out at the turquoise water with a Pina Colada in your hand? That’s where a Day Dream Pina Colada will take you. A truly tropical treat with coconut blended in.

Cinnamon Crumb Cake
Cinnamon Crumb Cake – no where on earth will you find anything like it. The cinnamon morsels will have you believing it truly is crumb cake.

German Chocolate Cake
German Chocolate Cake is loaded with chunks of high quality chocolate. If you’re not a chocolate lover, you will be after biting into one of these.

Dig deep into the earth to discover rare gems and ores, and send them back to the motherland in a balloon or ship.

Defend your colony with walls, traps, and mercenaries.

Promote your employees for their good work, or give them a slap if they get sloppy. Meet Elves, Goblins, Mole Men, Demons and more!.

Design your company logo and color scheme, and watch your company stock rise and fall against your competitors!

Back in the Dwarven Motherland across the great sea, the Dwarven King, Dunold the Wise, has chartered a number of Dwarf Companies to explore and colonize strange new lands beyond the sea. As a Regional Manager in one of these companies, it is your duty to scout out one such island and make a foothold for Dwarven civilization there.

Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 5 –


Do you think that a plant that can take care of itself sounds cool? Are you fond of a particular flower, and want to learn how to take care of it? Do you have a busy lifestyle that means you have ‘too much’ going on to keep a nice plant alive?

Do you live in the city, restricting the amount of space you have to grow plants?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Bluumer is for you!

Bluumer was designed as an insert, tailored to fit into any standard 6″x 6″ x 6″ cube vase, with only the upper edge showing.

WigWag lets you build intelligent environments anywhere with Internet-connected sensors and devices by letting you graphically write rules, “When” [this] happens “Then” do [that]. No complicated programming languages or computers necessary, rules are easily built on smartphones and tablets.

The more WigWag and third party devices in your account, the more you can do!

Turn on a fan when the humidity rises.
Get notified when kids are messing around with stuff they shouldn’t be.
Receive a “thirsty” tweet from your plant, or even better, turn on the water!
Log the date/time when people enter a room, send it to a spreadsheet in Dropbox.
Place a sensor on your porch, get a text when a package arrives.

Chroma Squad: sentai heroes, manager, tactical turn-based, meta-game, pixel art fun! Everything you want in a fresh indie game! In this game you become responsible for managing and recording episodes for a sentai TV show.

So, what is Sentai? Our game is based on 90’s Tokusatsu TV series, like “Power Rangers”, “Changeman” or… “Captain Planet And The Planeteers”. Yep, any group of 3 or 5, each with different powers, whose union makes a special weapon appear to defeat their enemies. In this case, Captain Planet himself. =)

In Chroma Squad you’ll see tons of references, including riders Tokusatsu, metal heroes, solo heroes, and every bit of our geeks 80 and 90’s culture. So, get ready for a experience full of color!

Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 4 –


Ravensdale is based on classic arcade shooters like Contra and Metal Slug, but focuses heavily on co-op interactions between players. For example, while you rapidly pull yourself towards and past your buddies, they block projectiles heading your way and feed an overdrive mode to boost the entire team! They are also pushing for strong interactivity between player characters, enemies and the levels to provide a wider range of tactical options to both solo players and assault teams.

While Ravensdale is going to make co-operative play as rewarding as possible, single-player is not a stripped-down co-op mode – co-op builds on single player and expands it. For example, an enemy bearing a heavy shield can be brute-forced by shooting or slamming the shield until it breaks, outmaneuvered and attacked from the back, reduced to a fine paste by hazards, or the shield can be simply ignored by using a piercing weapon that hits all enemies in its path. Co-op offers you the additional option of sandwiching the enemy, assuring that one player always hits its unshielded side.

Ravensdale will be stuffed to the gills with different strategies and tactics to discover, and they will all be dependent on the context. To take the example above, you may not always want to sandwich a shielded enemy. At a given moment, the other player could be more valuable manning a turret to stop an onrushing horde or catching and detonating shrapnel bombs rebounding all over the place.

An open world fantasy RPG with building, farming and crafting. For PC, Mac and Linux.

Now that Nasrus revealed his plot, the kings of Balrum sent their armies to the borders of the unknown lands captured by Nasrus. The power of the undead armies had been greatly underestimated. No one survived the battles. Without the armies of the kings, chaos has overcome Balrum.

Large bandit clans formed and started to live by their own rules. Soon the kings of Balrum had fallen. Two little villages stood up against the new bandit rulers and decided that the only way they will survive is if they hide in the Dark Woods. No one dare enter the Dark Woods and this is what the villagers took advantage of. A horrible deal has been made, but the villagers are safe for now.

The undead hordes of Nasrus are still waiting at the borders, but they can march into the heart of Balrum anytime their lord commands and there is no one to stop them. The people wonder why the good gods of Balrum, Adacus and Eogor don’t seem to be interested in the events that took place.

Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 3 –


A few more Kickstarter projects that caught my eye.

The iString Accessory gives people improved safety while using their iPhone UNCOVERED without covers or cases during daily use!

The user who carries the unique iPhone without a cover now has additional insurance so that if an accidental slip does happens, the iString leather straps, charms or the pendant would work as a tether and would protect the iPhone from falling and being damaged.

Add something similar to the iPod touch strap for your iPhone.

Every wonder why outlets look so surprised? We did. And now you can see why too.

With the Busted! Outlet Covers you can finally see what your outlets have been up to when you weren’t looking.

.. just please, remember to knock first.

Functional art: Beautiful minimalist wood and leather wallet that securely holds everything you need.

The minimalist wood wallets are crafted for those who like simple and timeless design with a twist. It features an easy to open single space to store your items and is lightweight, svelte, secure, and designed to fit into your life, traveling where you travel.

Now instead of having a bulky wallet to sit on or cram into your purse you can easily slip the dande wood wallet into any pocket! Also one of the reward levels has RFID protection.

Wallet dimensions are 3 3/4″ x 2 1/4″ and 1/4″ thick (empty without contents).

Kickstarter: The Agents – Card Game


The Agents is a strategic 2-5 players card game of clever tactics & critical consequences, set in a world of spies, sabotage, secrecy and subterfuge.

As the Agency shuts down, dismissed and disbanded Agents all around the world are trying to figure out what’s next. Left without a cause, they team up and turn against each other. You must enlist and lead your own faction of highly skilled professionals into an uncertain territory of betrayal and deception. Show no mercy, reveal no secrets.

The Agents gameplay is based on a unique, new mechanic we like to call ‘Double-edged Cards’. Each Agent card features a ‘command’ on one end of the card and ‘points’ on the other end. However, the direction in which you place the card will determine from which asset you benefit. If you choose to perform the command, one of your opponents will get the points. If you keep the points for yourself, an opponent gets to perform the command.

Throughout the game, you’ll need both commands and points to advance. Commands will allow you to manipulate Agents, control your Factions, and influence other players. But you’ll need points to buy more Agents and Missions. And ultimately, the player with the most points wins.

Deciding how to place each card will require strategic precision and calculated foresight, as you try to further your own goals, and prevent your opponents from reaching theirs.

I am a big fand when creators think outside the standard fantasy bits for games and The Agents seem alike an interesting take on a card game. Highly detailed and clean artwork and some interesting looking double edged gameplay. Already super funded and ready to go.

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Kickstarter: Legend of Iya


Legend of Iya – A metroidvania adventure built of beautiful pixels. A great looking run and jump game.

A vast, labyrinthine world reminiscent of the classics like Super Metroid and Castlevania SOTN.

High quality graphics – like the best SNES could offer. None of that crude hipster-pixel here!

Tons upon tons of quality sprite animation! Like, seriously – the player alone already has somewhere in the vicinity of 500 frames.

Chunky pixels! The game runs in a 256×192 native resolution of pixelated retro goodness.

Dozens of new powers, upgrades and secrets to find and collect.

Juggle-tastic melee combat.

Massive boss battles and set-pieces.

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