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Quick Kicks 15 : BatteryBot & MEMI Wearable Tech for Women


Battery Bot


BatteryBot is the world’s 1st & only character-based rechargeable backup battery for smartphones, tablets & mobile devices, by Mimoco!

Compatible with Most 5V Devices powered via USB

Apple: iPhone, iPad Mini, iPad, iPod…
Samsung: Galaxy, Note, Nexus…
others including: HTC Droid, LG Nexus, Motorola Droid Razr, Sony Xperia, Blackberry Z10, Nokia Lumia, Amazon Kindle…
and many more like: Nintendo DS, Pebble, Google Glass, Dropcam, GoPro, Boombotix, Jawbone, Jawbox, The Pill, TomTom GPS…

MEMI: Wearable Tech for Women


We live an always-on life, bombarded by constant digital distractions. Wouldn’t it be refreshing to put your phone away and fully engage at work, at home, with friends—or recharge your own batteries every now and then? With MEMI, you can unplug just enough and still have peace of mind that those who need you can still get through.

Women miss phone calls all the time because, unlike men, we don’t have a convenient place to store our phones. Our purses are like black holes – they make it impossible to hear the ringer or feel the vibration when our phones are on silent.

MEMI allows you to put your phone away and be 100% in the moment without worrying you’re going to miss something important—while still looking stylish. Gone are the days of apologizing because your phone is out on the dinner table or visible during a business meeting.

Quick Kicks -14- : Sprāv Smart Shower Sensor & SCALE Video Game




Sprāv: the wireless and easy-to-use water and energy meter for the shower. Want to save money on your utility bills? Sprav can help!

Sprāv is a wireless water meter that gives you control of your water and energy consumption. Using a combination of instant feedback and usage tracking, Sprāv gives you the tools to reduce your utility bills as well as your eco-footprint.

During showers, Sprāv will give you visual and audible cues so that you know your water and energy consumption in real-time, allowing you to cut your shower costs by 10-20% per year. Sprāv does not cut off or restrict water flow, so you are always in control of how much (or little) you want to save.

If you live in a typical home with an electric water heater and average utility rates, Sprāv will save more than $50 annually for every minute you reduce your average shower length. And that’s just for one person! The savings are multiplied for households of two or more.



SCALE is a first person reality manipulation game that reimagines exploration with a unique resizing mechanic.

You wield a device that can make any item any size. A tree, a wall, an enemy, a passing cloud, even the levels themselves are all “SCALEable”.

Space is relative in the game so progress is as much conceptual as it is physical. The unique mechanic of SCALEing is inspired by games like Portal and The Swapper.

Progression through the game is freeform and open like Mario 64 or early Zelda overworlds. It’s all about exploring and discovering secrets!

Quick Kicks -13- : BitLock Bike Lock & Lono Sprinkler Controller


Lono Sprinkler Controller


We have the technology. We’ve sent a man to the moon. So why are we still running in and out of the garage to see if our sprinklers are working? Lono lets you control your sprinkler system anywhere, anytime with your smart phone. And the things that should be automated, finally are.

Control From Anywhere

Fixing a broken sprinkler head can put undue stress on our relationships – all that shouting and running back and forth from the garage. “Is it working? Which zone is on? Turn it off! Turn it off!”

With the Lono, you can turn your sprinklers on and off with your smartphone – whenever, wherever. Anywhere you have an internet connection you can control your Lono. This saves you all those trips back and forth from the garage when adjusting a sprinkler head or fixing a leak. It also allows you to make adjustments even when you are out of town.

BitLock Bike Lock



Bitlock: The world’s first keyless bike lock to enable low cost peer-to-peer bike sharing among individuals and communities.

Use your smartphone to unlock and even locate your bike should you forget where you parked it.

An app for iOS and Android allows you to operate all of the lock functions.

It even lets you share the location of your bike with your friends.

If my bike left my garage more often I would totally have to get one of these.

Quick Kicks – 12 – Ubooly and Petcube



Ubooly is your child’s best friend, tutor and gym coach all rolled up into a furry marshmallow creature with ears.

Boasting one of the best retention scores in the industry, Ubooly will keep your kid engaged for months with fun adventures, experiments, games, jokes, stories, and more! Ubooly’s content is designed by educators and whimsified by comedy writers, to create ‘Active Play’ – the perfect formula to get your child’s heart pumping and their brain growing.

“As a parent, toys are a waste of money. It’s like a tax we have to pay. They love it for a day, and then it’s gone.. whether it’s a $200 RC car or a 25¢ bouncy ball. In fact, sometimes even the box the toy comes in gets more use. That’s why Ubooly is so effective – by engaging your child’s imagination, we create an endless landscape for active play.” – Ryan Burnett, Head of Product


Save your pets from loneliness! Watch, talk and play laser games with your furry friends through the mobile app anytime, anywhere.

Long distance relationships rarely work out. It goes with people, the same applies to pets. When you have that special bond with your cat or dog it’s heartbreaking to lose touch with them. Petcube brings people closer to their furry loved ones. As long as there are some bars on your smartphone you can check on your pet from any part of the globe.

Through the built-in wide angle camera you can see your pet. You can have a conversation with her using speakers and microphone. But Petcube goes much further. It gives you a controlled laser pointer to bring the fun times with your pet to a whole new level. It’s quite simple: we love pets and pets love lasers. And us, of course. It’s not all fun and games though. Petcube is a perfect tool to keep your buddy fit in case you don’t have enough time for long walks and special training.

Quick Kicks – 11 – Buca Boot & ProTravel Carry-On



Buca Boot combines the flexibility of a bike basket with the storage security of a car trunk. Stop worrying about your stuff and go!

Nothing beats the convenience of riding your bike. I do it everyday. But I really hate worrying about how to carry around all the stuff that comes with a busy life. What if it rains? What if I get cold? What if I want to go to that party later? What if I need to pick up groceries or grab a six-pack?

The Buca Boot answers those questions. It holds everything from a pair of shoes to a laptop to a case of beer. It keeps your things dry in the rain and safe when you walk away. Did we mention it looks good, too?


The perfect carry-on is easy to pack, carry & use – and helps you stay professional. But we couldn’t find that carry-on. So we made it.

Stop and think for a second.

Think about every time you’ve waited half an hour for your check-in luggage to show up – after wasting half an hour, and a bunch of cash, checking it in the first place! Or think of that time your luggage didn’t show up… ever.

Think about every time you’ve dragged a fat suitcase up stairs, across cobblestones or broken streets.

Think about that time you wanted to stay flexible and change your flight at the last minute, but your luggage was already checked…

Quick Kicks – 10 – : Sapling Wallet & Up Line Eco Friendly Wallet


The Wallet for minimalists with a touch of class. Custom name engraving. A two piece design with tabs much like you see on folders which help make grabbing the card you need a breeze.

The Sapling wallet is designed with the minimalist in mind.No more bulky wallets filled with old receipts, loose change, or anything else pack rats like to hold onto.Carry only what you need with the Sapling wallet. The two wood laminate fiberboard plates are held together by a durable elastic band that allow the wallet to expand or contract depending on how many cards you like to carry.

The Sapling Wallet can carry 1-8 cards comfortably but can carry more if you need to.You won’t need to worry about cards falling out.The elastic holds the cards securely no matter how many cards you have in the wallet at one time.Also you can hold cash under the elastic band on the outside of the wallet.Think of the elastic band as a money clip.You can chose from Walnut, Cherrywood, or Birch wood laminate finishes.

Introducing Up Line: quality inner tube wallets designed to adapt to your cash, card, and coin carrying needs. Multiple wallets for multi purposes. There is no such thing as the perfect wallet, not for everyone.

Up Line offers multiple eco-friendly wallets, from the super minimal to the more traditional. Still, no matter who you are, your needs can change. Sometimes daily. Our wallets are built to meet you where you’re at.

Each year Up Line keeps thousands of post-consumer bike tubes from Montana’s landfills. This is eco-friendly on two fronts. First off, we are diverting materials from landfills. At the same time, we render null the extraction of primary materials normally needed for manufacturing.

Like the wallets themselves, 100% of the material used in each wallet, including the thread, is American made or remade. Even the wallet’s inserts are printed on the insides of old cereal boxes. Upcycling is not a gimmick at Up Line, it’s a part of everything we do.