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Angry Birds Star Wars

Do we really need more angry birds? Before playing Angry Birds Star Wars edition I would have said no, but after giving it a go I must say I like it more than the original birds.

The abilities of the Star Wars versions of the birds are super fun and the story follows along with that is Star Wars episode IV. You start off as Luke Skywalker bird and all you you can do is bash into things. You then unlock Obiwon bird and can use force push. A little more gaming and Luke bird gets his light saber which can deflect blaster bolts and cut through objects. A bit further in you unlock Han Solo bird who has the ability to shoot his blaster in any direction.

After progressing along in the story you move on to space and the gameplay changes to be more like Angry Birds Space. So you get both styles of gameplay from the first Angry Birds and Angry Birds Space for the price of one game.

Controls are on par with the other birds games. The graphics look amazing for what they are. Clean lines, vibrant colors, and a little added sense of depth make this a good looking game.

I would say pick this up if you are an Angry Birds fan or a Star Wars Fan.






Asphalt 7


Asphalt 7 is one of the best driving games I have ever played on iOS. I am a big fan of racing games and I have tried many different games on iOS devices but I never played one I could actually say that I liked until now.

Graphics, decent non tilting controls, cool cars,a real sense of speed and a great price all give Asphalt 7 the edge over other iOS racing games. I picked up this game for 99 cents. I must add that I want to try the new need for speed as well but the $6.99 price tag has me holding off for now.

I hate tilt controls for games and I really hate them for driving games. For me there has to be decent touch screen button options and the touch screen options in Asphalt 7 are pretty good. The braking and turbo buttons work well. The steering wheel works, but I wish I could twist it more when turning. Drifting works great in this game, tap the break around a corner and you start drifting. Graphics look amazing to me and I am playing on an iPad mini. Best car graphics in a game on iOS to date. By far better than the ps1/ps2 stuff we have been seeing.

I have yet to get into buying anything or spending cash on things. I’m not sure if that is needed playing single player, but I am not that far into the game.Overall I plan to keep this one on my iPad and give it a good play through.


The Ebay App For iOS

In my pursuit of Disney Vinylmation figures I have been using Ebay quite often as of late. I rediscovered the Ebay app for iOS and it is probably one of the best designed apps I have ever used on my iPhone. It does exactly what you think it would do and it does it beautifully.

Now I have only used the app as a buyer, so I can’t really say anything from the sellers side of things. The app allows you to search, watch, buy, and sell anything on Ebay. It uses the iOS notifications to let you know what is going on from being outbid to when you win the auction. It has timers for watched items ending soon and for auctions ending soon.


Bidding is super easy and most of the details of the auction come across as needed. I say most of the details come across because some sellers use some sort of flash auction services in their listings and of course flash is a no go on iOS.

Pictures come across clean and crisp. You can even pay for your item via Paypal as well as leave feedback and track your packages through the app. Leaving feedback is a super smooth process of choosing between positive, negative, neutral, click on the desired star rating, then leaving some brief text.

You can see recent feedback numbers for the sellers, but I wish you could dive into the feedback a little more to see comments rather than just total numbers and percentages.

We rule



We rule is a Farmville like App for the iPhone and iPad with time based tasks such as farming, mining, tailoring, and more. It is a pretty fun game if you are into these kinds of games. The good news is that if you have played any of the time management games on Facebook then you can play this game with little instruction. You can build farms. You can plant and harvest crops. You can build other buildings that allow you to do other tasks. You gain experience and coins as you do these things. You can use your coins to build more things. You level up with your experience points. You can expand your kingdom as you gain levels and coins.

We rule is free to download and play. You can spend real life money on mojo, a magical in game liquid used to speed up the growth process of your crops or the build time on your construction process. You don’t have to buy mojo as you do get some free mojo each time you level up. Unlike Farmville so far mojo is the only thing you can buy. You don’t need to spend real world money on special crops or decorations. Everything you see as an option in your inventory can be built using in game coins. All you need to do to use everything is to level up. There is still a social element to we rule. You can add your friends, visit their kingdoms and even order some goods in their virtual shops. If you have an iPad over iPhone and play we rule my username is stormwolf359, feel free to add me as a friend.

iPad Comic Apps

In my recent quest to figure out my iPad backup issues I was able to try both .cbr reading comic book Apps currently available for the iPad.

The first App I tried was ComicZeal.


The second app was Comic Reader Mobi.


Both of these Apps allow you to read your existing .cbr comic files on the iPhone and iPad. ComicZeal transfers files over Wifi. Comic Reader Mobi main transfer method is through USB via iTunes. I like the transfer method found in Comic Reader Mobi as it allows a method to almost instantly add comics to your device. In order to add comics to the ComicZeal App you must first shrink the files on your computer, which takes a hefty chunk of time. You can organize your files while shrinking them in ComicZeal or you can organize them from inside the App itself. I have not really figured out how to organize the files with Comic Reader Mobi yet, but I assume you have to use the built in FTP server for that.

I enjoy reading comics more on ComicZeal because it allows for the pinch and zoom like many other Apps. With Comic Reader Mobi you can pinch but that just creates a zoom box which you must move to where you want to zoom. A neat feature of Comic Reader Mobi is that you can tap and zoom. This helps with reading the text bubbles.

If I must pick one over the other then right now I pick ComicZeal because I like reading in this App better. I wish they had a drag into iTunes option to add files though.

– update – after I posted my review comic zeal was updated To work with the iTunes file transfer system, another bonus!