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Getting Healthy: Yes I Am Insane (Update)

Over the Memorial Day weekend I completed the first month and recovery week of the Insanity workout program.  It was not easy.  Yes, I missed a day or two and NO I cannot do an entire workout all the way through, but I pressed on.  I persevered. And, there have been A LOT of changes with my body.  First, I had to STOP looking at the scale.  I have become a little obsessed with weighing myself every day (I know, I know…), but the scale wasn’t moving like it had been during my weight loss before.  I only lost 4lbs...


Getting Healthy: Determination not Motivation

Everyone always says you need motivation to lose weight.  Well, that’s partially true.  I had to have something to motivate me in the beginning, but it’s more determination and inspiration that get me through day by day. An internet weight loss buddy of mine thanks to the subreddit r/loseit and MyFitnessPal always says, “motivation is an emotion, it comes and goes”.  It really is true. Determination is key.  I’m determined now to make it through the Insanity program.  I was determined to run 5K and I did it.  I was determined to shed a few minutes off my run time and run...

Getting Healthy: 50% GONE! 2

Getting Healthy: 50% GONE!

I reached a HUGE goal today!  HUGE!  I made it to the 50% mark of my weight loss goal.  This has been a goal that has been just within my reach over the last few weeks, but after stalling out I felt I would never get here. In 8 months, I have lost 71 lbs.  71!  Yes, I know, it is not an even number, but to get to 175 from 317, 71lbs is 50% of the way. Here’s to the next 50%! Starting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 246lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs  


Getting Healthy : The Beginning

Mike keeps telling me…um..reminding me that I need to blog more (since this is the blog of Mike AND Tracy).  So, one of the things that is central to my life is the journey I am on to lose weight and get healthy. A little background first.  I’ve always been a “big” girl for most of my adult life – 16+ years and on.  In high school I thought I was HUGE, but I wasn’t.  I wore a 14/16 around this time which a year ago didn’t even seem like an attainable size to me.  I hovered around 200lbs and...