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Getting Healthy: Welcome to Onederland

This morning my scale read 198.0!  Goodbye 300s, goodbye 200s!  I couldn’t believe it.  And yes, I cried.  I feel stronger than ever lately.  While I continue to battle with my issues around food and with my anxiety and depression and how it effects my weight loss, I see that I am stronger mentally and physically.  Many before me would have quit a long time ago, but I’ve stuck it out.

Here are some progress pics:

317 to 198 - face progress


Currently I’m giving my body time to recuperate after beating it up through T25 so I’m doing DDP Yoga which I highly recommend and counting my calories as always, adjusting as I go.

Starting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 198lbs | Goal Weight 175lbs

Getting Healthy: Yes, I am Focused!

I completed Shaun T’s latest workout, Focus T25, as of yesterday and have to share my results.  You may remember that I fell in love with Shaun T after completing his Insanity program.  And Focus T25 is AMAZEBALLS, as Shaun would say.  I cannot say enough good things about this program.

The best thing about T25 is that it is only 25 minutes!  Yes, 25 minutes.  Now, seriously, who doesn’t have 25 minutes to get a workout in?  And, it is a WORKOUT.  It’s like a miniaturized version of Insanity but better.  There are 3 phases to T25: Alpha (5 weeks); Beta (5 weeks); and Gamma (4 weeks).  Alpha starts you off doing mostly cardio and body weight exercises.  It is nonstop action.  Then Beta adds more core work and weights!  I kind of really, really, really like exercising with weights.  Finally Gamma brings it all together and you build upon everything you have already learned and its all about getting stronger!  I mean, I now have muscles people.

As with Insanity, I found even more strength in me than I thought I had.  And my body changed even more.  

Here’s a rundown of the results:

  • Lost 22.3lbs total
  • Lost 9.25 inches total
  • Went from approximately 36% body fat to 31% body fat


Starting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 201lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs

Getting Healthy: Just Short

Yesterday was my 34th birthday.  I had set a goal that I wanted to weigh in at 199lbs by my birthday.  But…it didn’t happen.  I came up just short of that goal and weighed in at 203.  I have currently been fluctuating back and forth from 202 – 203 for the last 2 weeks.  It can be discouraging to see a deadline come and go and I didn’t achieve the goal I set, but when I look back a year I realize it doesn’t really matter because between this birthday and last, I’ve accomplished so much more than just a number on the scale.

From 33 to 34 I did the following:

  • Ran a 3K and a 5K
  • Completed the Insanity workout program
  • Completed Focus T25 Alpha & Beta
  • Became stronger than I have ever felt before
  • Became smarter about what I ate
  • Faced my eating issues head on (and still working on them)
  • Stopped drinking soda
  • Lost 83lbs and 41.25 inches over my total body (Nov 2012 – Nov 2013)
  • And most importantly, I became a healthier wife and mom.  

SONY DSCStarting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 203lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs

Getting Healthy: What You Eat

First, let’s start with an update….No Cheat November has not been as easy as I had dreamed in my head.  I do good most days, but unfortunately in my mind, when it comes to the food aspect of No Cheat November, I have failed.

This month has been hard for several reasons…I added the pressure of No Cheat November to the aspect of my losing weight, I have a goal to be at 199lbs by 11/24 (my birthday) and I started Focus T25 Gamma (the hardest month of the program).  As any good over achiever, I may have stacked the deck a little too high this time and I’ve let the pressure get to me.  I have battled several days with not enough food and too much exercise and have had to readjust the calories and the types of foods going in to keep my body fueled.


So, this brings me to a topic that I’ve wanted to talk about for awhile – what you eat and the principle of calories in vs calories out.  I’m learning the closer I get to my goal, those calories in really matter.  It can’t be cake and candy calories, but it needs to be lean protein and vegetables to keep my body fueled for the exercise and daily activities I want to accomplish and to keep my calories low to lose the weight.

I believe weight loss is 80% what you eat and 20% exercise.  When I began this journey I knew I needed to focus on the food part.  I’ve struggled with it for a lot of my life.  So I first just concentrated on tracking.  Then my goal was just to stay under my calories.  But, I quickly learned that if I ate a huge cheeseburger at lunch I was pretty much done for the day on my calories.  Now, I care more about the what and the how much because it really does effect my performance in exercise and life in general.  I seriously thought I had the worst digestive system ever before I started eating healthy.  Then, about two months into eating better it all cleared up.  

8020For me too, the 80/20 rule applies in what you are eating.  I’m not perfect and do not boast to be anywhere near it when it comes to food.  I still battle addictions to food, binges, low willpower, emotional eating, you name it, but I try and follow the same rule every week – 80% good eating (under calories and healthy for you) and 20% bad eating (oooh ice cream!).  Many people follow this rule and are very successful in losing weight but still enjoying the foods they love.

Now with apps like MyFitnessPal or Loseit, with databases full of the foods out there from around the world, it makes tracking the calories in vs calories out easy.

Starting Weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 202lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs