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Choosing My Next Car

My lease on the XB is up this year so I had to pick out something new from the Toyota/Scion Family.

Previously I had narrowed down my choices to a double cab Tacoma. A practical choice that would be good for the whole family and a great help in hauling stuff to and from the house.

My second choice was the Scion FR-S. before my last two Scion XBs I had a TC and I liked the feel of something a bit sporty.

I have decided on my next car and it is going to be the Scion FR-S.

It was this video that helped convince me. He just looks like he is having fun.

With my lease program through my dad who works for Toyota the insurance is included with my monthly payments so I figured it was a good time in my life to get a sporty type car. Also my daughter is still small enough to fit in the smallish back seat.

Now I just need to pick a color.




New Car (Scion XB)

We traded in Tracy’s Corolla today for a new purple 2011 Scion XB. We ended up with pretty much an even swap on the deal paying a little bit more, but I think we ended up with a better ride. It certainly is more roomy than the 2009 Corolla Tracy was previously driving. That makes us a two XB family now with my silver one.