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Quick Kicks 17 : The Mini Box & Hero Forge Custom 3D Printed Miniatures

The Mini Box The Mini Box is a storage case for miniatures. It is not complicated or fancy but will keep your models safe while at home or on the road. A sturdy cardboard construction that is designed to hold the weight of a small human but light weight and compact enough to work as an at home storage solution. They are packing these boxes with enough foam to hold 160 models. The original foam will be 1″ Infantry foam and is designed to fit into most standard sized cases. Box Dimensions -14.5″ x 11″ x 5.5″ Infantry Foam Dimensions...



We have recently started playing a new board game called Takenoko Takenoko is a game about a giant panda and a gardener. It is super fun and newbie friendly. It may look like a cute kids game, but there is a huge amount of strategy involved in this game. You choose how you want to win by farming parcels of land, irrigating the land, and growing green, yellow or pink bamboo. In turn, the players see what the weather brings and can perform two actions, either: grab a new plot of land or irrigation channel, grow bamboo, feed the panda or...