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Towns came out on Nov 7th and I thought I would give it a shot. I am a big fan of the block mining and crafting genre that has come about because of Minecraft. Like A Game of Dwarves and Gnomoria, Towns is yet another take on that genre.

In Towns you get plopped into an open world with a few people to control. There are trees and other resources to gather. There are also animals and monsters and stuff. Your goal is to build a sustainable town where you can play host to heroes who go adventuring. You mine, chop wood, harvest stuff etc… The thing that makes Towns a bit different are the little nuances like resource stockpiles where you can set aside areas where your townsfolk will bring all resources or specific resources. You can stockpile wood near the forest or near your wood working bench. You can stockpile stone in a mine or near your stone bench. When ordering tools you can set it to order new ones when old tools break or get worn down.

The graphics are decent, but nothing super. The controls always seemed a bit out of sync with what I wanted to do. I was playing on a Mac, it may feel different on Windows, but it could just be that it was built in Java or is possibly an earlyish build of the game. Some people over on the steam forums for the game have said this is an alpah/beta/unfinished version of the game. It does seem like that. The game’s creators say its a playable version and they will continue adding things to it in the future. I’m not too far into it, but am enjoying the game play so far. I think A Game of Dwarves does this type of game a little better, but I like starting out on the surface of the world in Towns. I may post more as I get more into the game.

Here is part one of a good series on basic Towns Game play:

Asphalt 7


Asphalt 7 is one of the best driving games I have ever played on iOS. I am a big fan of racing games and I have tried many different games on iOS devices but I never played one I could actually say that I liked until now.

Graphics, decent non tilting controls, cool cars,a real sense of speed and a great price all give Asphalt 7 the edge over other iOS racing games. I picked up this game for 99 cents. I must add that I want to try the new need for speed as well but the $6.99 price tag has me holding off for now.

I hate tilt controls for games and I really hate them for driving games. For me there has to be decent touch screen button options and the touch screen options in Asphalt 7 are pretty good. The braking and turbo buttons work well. The steering wheel works, but I wish I could twist it more when turning. Drifting works great in this game, tap the break around a corner and you start drifting. Graphics look amazing to me and I am playing on an iPad mini. Best car graphics in a game on iOS to date. By far better than the ps1/ps2 stuff we have been seeing.

I have yet to get into buying anything or spending cash on things. I’m not sure if that is needed playing single player, but I am not that far into the game.Overall I plan to keep this one on my iPad and give it a good play through.


A Game of Dwarves Play Time

As I mentioned last week A Game of Dwarves came out this week and I got a little play time in. So far it plays a lot like a 3D version of Lemmings. You click around and tell your little dwarves what to do. They can mine, then can craft, they can fight monsters. This is a game of digging and exploring mine shaft type areas. As you dig around you can uncover large rooms finding things like treasure or resources needed to craft new items.

You have to keep your dwarves fed, happy and you must also give them a place to sleep as they are working. It is quite easy to dig down a level and forget to put a ladder in to get your dwarf back out. You must grow crops and gather them to feed your dwarf crew. You can pause time while playing to figure stuff out or you can fast forward and move at lightning speed.

The tutorial does a great job of showing you what you need to know in order to play in just the right amount of time. You are able to jump into the main game pretty quickly after learning the basics. The controls are well thought out and the only issue I came across so far is that it seems a bit tricky to rotate an item when placing it in the game world.

This one is a buy at 9.99

Guild Wars 2 – A month In

It has been about a month since Guild Wars 2 was released and I started playing the game. Guild Wars 2 is a great casual game. I am only able to play a couple of hours each day if that and I have reached level 37 in my first month. That feels pretty good for the time I have put into my character. I do have multiple characters so not all my time was spent on my level 40, but it took me months or maybe even a year to get to 50 in City of Heroes.

I got to 40 on my Guardian mostly by exploring. I stopped my character story quests around level 26 and spent most of my time clearing each of the race starting maps finding vistas/waypoints, helping out with the heart quests, and doing skill point challenges. Soloing with a guardian works pretty well. I have only needed help with enemies at the champion level. The auto down leveling makes things interesting. The game auto lowers your level based on the area you are in so damage and health are lowered to match what you are fighting. You still get to use all the skills you learned as a higher level and all the weapon and armor bonuses you have.

In this time Arenanet also came out with a Mac OS X client which is really nice for me playing on my Macbook since I no longer have to go to bootcamp to play. The OS X client has been pretty stable for me and with the settings I am using seems pretty much on par with the Windows client.

So bottom line a great casual MMO and I am still playing as I have time and still planning on playing for a while.

FTL: Faster Than Light

A ship, its crew, and you. FTL: Faster Than Light is a game that is all about the gameplay. Graphics are pretty, but we are not talking Mass Effect level graphics here. You start out with a ship and a small crew. Your ship has systems such as engines, weapons, shields, etc… As you play your systems may take damage. You can choose which crew members repair and control each of the ship’s systems.

You can collect scrap from battles or just pick it along your travel route. You can then use that scrap to upgrade your ship, its systems, and more. Pick up new crew members along the way from shops and things like slave ships. You can also purchase new weapons or sell old ones at shops.

FTL had a successful Kickstarter a few months back. I didn’t get in on it then but for $8.99/$9.99 now I thought I would give the released game a shot and I am glad I did. Available for Mac & PC.

Your ship and crew are off on a galaxy wide adventure. There are quests where you can help people. There are fights where you can take down enemy pirates. You can also some times choose which side to help in a battle. You can fight with lasers, missiles, drones, and much much more.

FTL is a little changeling. You only get one ship. Once your ship is destroyed or you run out of crew members to man your ship you have to start all over again. I am about an hour into it and have died several times by aliens boarding my ship and killing all of my crew. More to come as I get further into it.

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