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Eureka 71b The Best Vacumm Ever


I recently became unhappy with the performance of our upright vacuum. It is a decent vacuum, but I am much more of a wand and quick mover when I vacuum around the house. My search for a solution turned to I looked at thin stick vacuums, Dysons, and hand held vacuums. I didn’t want to splurge on a Dyson. I decided against the stick vacuums because I already have a swivel sweeper for smaller jobs. That left some sort of hand held solution. Now the choice became cordless or corded. I haven’t had much luck with cordless things so I decided on corded. I went through the reviews of the top rated hand held vacuums and picked the Eureka 71b. It has three settings, suck, suck and spin, and off. It came in today and boy am I impressed. It is is lighter than I thought it would be.

Some of the reviews mentioned how heavy it was, but with me being used to throwing around 40lb bags of dog food at work it isn’t that heavy at all. The second major complaint was about the noise. It wasn’t that noisy either, about on par with my current vacuum. Also not loud enough to wake a sleeping 3-week old. The suction power is great as well. I tested it out on the couches/chair in the living room and pulled up much more pet hair than I thought was on the chairs, now with six cats and a dog this will come in very handy. I then tested the swivel feature on the stairs and it worked out quite well again pulling up more pet hair than I thought we had. The hose is a nice touch. It is just long enough to help out in the tight spaces that the vacuum itself can’t get in to. The thin nozzle attachment fits into the back of the vacuum, the hose wraps around the vacuum for neat storage. You just have to remember to turn off the brushes when using the hose because they will keep spinning.