Category: Cool Products

Kickstarter: Lifelogging Camera

A tiny, automatic camera and app that gives you a searchable and shareable photographic memory.

The Lifelogging camera by Memoto seems like a great idea if they can pull off everything they think they can. With a lot of users and so many photos being taken and sent to servers at one time they will need some pretty big infrastructure behind them to handle the demand and growth. I would certainly be interested in one of these devices for vacations and such, but I am not sure I need one for every day use.

Ten Tree Apparel

I recently saw Ten Tree Apparel on the Canadian Dragon’s Den and thought they had a great idea that was worth sharing. The concept behind their business is that for every product sold their company would plant ten trees. Their stuff looks pretty decent and replanting trees is a great way to give back to a planet that we end up taking so much from.

Ten Tree ensures that all trees planted are among the local species that grow in the area and will not have an adverse effect on the local environment. Whether this means planting sugar cane and moringa trees in Haiti to prevent sheet water erosion or the Juniper trees of Ethiopia, Ten Tree has ensured that with each site, the utmost care has been taken to plant local, sustainable species. Because of the precautions taken, these trees will grow strong and healthy long into the future.

Kickstarter: Under Appreciated Animal Cards

These Under Appreciated Animal ABC cards would fit in perfect at my house. When my daughter Sam and I are playing ABC games I am always coming up with random far out things for each letter and my wife Tracy always makes fun of me for it. With cards like these we can associate far out things with the ABCs to help our daughter think outside the box and learn different things that go with each letter. The art and design on these cards is great as well.