Category: Cool Concepts


Human Key Holders

I came across these while searching the other day and thought it was a great concept for a key holder. Comes in his and hers if you need one for a special friend or loved one.  


Kickstarter: Bike In A Box

These bikes are a great showcase of wirework, but I think the key to getting something like this isn’t sell the kit, but to sell the assembled bike. Wirework is a tough skill to get right and the sampels shown in the video look amazing.


Kickstarter: Spill Stopper

Being a stay at home dad myself this is a project I may want to get behind. I’m not 100% sold on it yet, but if he needs my support closer to the end I may pitch in a bit. This may be a good transition cup from a no spill sippy cup to a big kid or adult cup.