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Kickstarter: General Chaos II


General Chaos II: Sons of Chaos is the long-awaited sequel to the cult hit Sega Genesis game General Chaos.

It’s an intense, squad-based multiplayer slapstick action/strategy/tactics game, just like the original…but this time, it has a vastly improved control scheme, huge 3-D environments, tons of weapon upgrades and much, much more!

I was a big fan of the original General Choas and I am glad to finally see a sequel. Hope it lives up to the fond memories I have of the original.

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Quick Kicks -9- : Tiny Wallets : SilmFold Micro & Ping Wallet


A super slim aluminum smart wallet with anti-loss, anti-theft and card reminder technology. Ping* connects to your iPhone and Android smart phones using Bluetooth 4.0, and sends an alert reminding you to return your card back to wallet after each use or if a card has been removed unbeknownst to you.

Other features allow you to open a tab at a bar or restaurant using the Ping* app. After a certain amount of time, the Ping* app will remind you that your card has not been returned to your wallet. Ping* can be located using proximity searches or sounds in the event the wallet is lost, stolen or accidentally left behind. Ping* helps make losing or getting your wallet and/or cards stolen a thing of the past.

Tyvek is thin, light, and super strong. 100% made in USA and stitched in San Francisco. You’ll love the minimal design!

Hybrid ID Window/Slot (As introduced with V2 of Original SlimFold)

Holds 8-12 Cards (Including interior card pockets)

Money pocket holds US, Canadian, Euro (up to 20€ w/o folding) and Pounds (up to 10£ w/o folding)

Measures 3 15/16in x 2 7/8in (10cm x 7.3cm) when closed and 7 7/8in x 2 7/8in (20cm x 7.3cm) when open

Printing is done by a US printer who uses a press and ink specially designed to print on Tyvek

Die-cutting is done by a local father-son embossing shop using a laser-cut die for ultimate precision

Sewing is done by a sewing house in San Francisco who usually just does prototyping for high end bags, but I use them for production to improve quality

Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 8 –


The Dollar Wallet is a simple, functional, well-designed wallet that is made in the U.S.A. And it starts at just $1. The Dollar Wallet is the answer to the desire for a thin-profile, minimalistic wallet that doesn’t charge a premium for simplicity.

The Dollar Wallet costs $1. It is made from high-quality, American-made fiber board and non-roll elastic. It’s a smidgeon bigger than a credit card. It’s durable, reliable, and fits up to 8-10 credit cards and some cash. Yep, still just a buck.

The Dollar Wallet Plus is like its older cousin. It’s a little more mature, more refined. The Dollar Wallet Plus can be upgraded and customized to your heart’s content. It starts at two dollars and is made of high-quality American-sourced plywood and the same non-roll elastic available to upgrade with multiple colors and patterns.

8-Bit buddies, oh ya! There are 80 different sticker cards in Series 1. 40 sets of twins.

There are 36 packs in a box, 5 stickers and 1 scratcher per pack.

Winning scratcher cards can be collected and sent in for prizes.

They will be setting up an online trading page for collectors on our website.

Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 7 –


GardenArc is a mixture of European and North American Organic Architecture, using the most sustainable building material: Wood

This is the most affordable and fastest to assembly garden pavilion , 12feet x 12 feet wooden base include a table for up to 8 people, big enough for an overage family, but great even for a friendly get-together as a lounge set-up.

It has no permanent top, but can be covered with a canopy, what can create a wonderful shadow even in the strongest sunny day.Made of white pine wood.

The physical photo book will be exclusive to this campaign and will not be sold or given away afterwards except for a very select few copies at Minecon 2013. The photo book includes curated Minecraft content from the community.

Minecraft Creations: Castles, Cities, Boats, Homes, Statues, Pixel Art, & more!

Minecraft Renders: rendered images from Cinema4D, Blender, and Chunky.

Minecraft Maps: Several mind-blowing Minecraft maps with QR codes to view & download.

Minecraft Skins: fantastically design Minecraft skins with a QR code to directly apply the skin to your Minecraft account.

Unique Plugins: We will be featuring unique plugins which help bring new elements inside Minecraft.

Minecraft Servers: we will feature some well known and unfamiliar Minecraft servers that are fun to play on for all ages!

3D Content: We will include some fun 3D images which will require simple paper 3D glasses to view.

Minecraft Landscapes & Seeds: fantastic views of Minecraft captured and shared for all.

Minecraft Videos: some popular and relatively unknown youtube videos featuring Minecraft content.

Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 6 –


Soft and chewy Turkish Delights. Amazing flavors- Chocolate Cake, Crumb Cake, Pina Colada and more!

If you’ve ever had fresh Turkish Delights, then you will love Daydream Delights. They are tender and delicately chewy like orange slices or soft gumdrops but in these delicious flavors: German Chocolate Cake, Cinnamon Crumb Cake, Apple Martini, Mai Tai and Pina Colada and introducing a limited edition Cappuccino.

Apple Martini
Go Metropolitan !! Our Apple Martini steals the show with a subtle tart undertone of a crisp Granny Smith apple.

Mai Tai
Maybe tiki torches and Tahiti are your day dream. Then a smooth Mai Tai is what will quench your taste. Mai Tai translates from Tahitian to mean ‘Out Of This World’ !

Pina Colada
Want to be carried away to a tropical beach sitting under a shady palm tree, looking out at the turquoise water with a Pina Colada in your hand? That’s where a Day Dream Pina Colada will take you. A truly tropical treat with coconut blended in.

Cinnamon Crumb Cake
Cinnamon Crumb Cake – no where on earth will you find anything like it. The cinnamon morsels will have you believing it truly is crumb cake.

German Chocolate Cake
German Chocolate Cake is loaded with chunks of high quality chocolate. If you’re not a chocolate lover, you will be after biting into one of these.

Dig deep into the earth to discover rare gems and ores, and send them back to the motherland in a balloon or ship.

Defend your colony with walls, traps, and mercenaries.

Promote your employees for their good work, or give them a slap if they get sloppy. Meet Elves, Goblins, Mole Men, Demons and more!.

Design your company logo and color scheme, and watch your company stock rise and fall against your competitors!

Back in the Dwarven Motherland across the great sea, the Dwarven King, Dunold the Wise, has chartered a number of Dwarf Companies to explore and colonize strange new lands beyond the sea. As a Regional Manager in one of these companies, it is your duty to scout out one such island and make a foothold for Dwarven civilization there.

Kickstarter: Quick Kicks – 5 –


Do you think that a plant that can take care of itself sounds cool? Are you fond of a particular flower, and want to learn how to take care of it? Do you have a busy lifestyle that means you have ‘too much’ going on to keep a nice plant alive?

Do you live in the city, restricting the amount of space you have to grow plants?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Bluumer is for you!

Bluumer was designed as an insert, tailored to fit into any standard 6″x 6″ x 6″ cube vase, with only the upper edge showing.

WigWag lets you build intelligent environments anywhere with Internet-connected sensors and devices by letting you graphically write rules, “When” [this] happens “Then” do [that]. No complicated programming languages or computers necessary, rules are easily built on smartphones and tablets.

The more WigWag and third party devices in your account, the more you can do!

Turn on a fan when the humidity rises.
Get notified when kids are messing around with stuff they shouldn’t be.
Receive a “thirsty” tweet from your plant, or even better, turn on the water!
Log the date/time when people enter a room, send it to a spreadsheet in Dropbox.
Place a sensor on your porch, get a text when a package arrives.

Chroma Squad: sentai heroes, manager, tactical turn-based, meta-game, pixel art fun! Everything you want in a fresh indie game! In this game you become responsible for managing and recording episodes for a sentai TV show.

So, what is Sentai? Our game is based on 90’s Tokusatsu TV series, like “Power Rangers”, “Changeman” or… “Captain Planet And The Planeteers”. Yep, any group of 3 or 5, each with different powers, whose union makes a special weapon appear to defeat their enemies. In this case, Captain Planet himself. =)

In Chroma Squad you’ll see tons of references, including riders Tokusatsu, metal heroes, solo heroes, and every bit of our geeks 80 and 90’s culture. So, get ready for a experience full of color!