Category: Cool Concepts

Indiegogo: Exhale Fans

The exhale fan is a new take on the ages old ceiling fan. No spinning blades means you can use the exhale fan where you can’t use a ceiling fan. If it works as intended this seems like an amazing innovation along the lines of the Dyson fans. I can see one downside being that at least at first glance that it would only work on flat ceilings. The old standard fan designs can be setup on many varying ceiling slopes.

Kickstarter: Spark

The spark internet ready smart light bulb socket is more than just a way to control your lights from your phone. It is a tool that can help send alerts to people who can’t here them. I was a big fan of the x-10 control system when that was the new hotness a decade or so ago and love all of these new interent controlled household devices like the spark, the nest, and the hue bulb. $49.95 is a great value if one were to need all of the features of the spark, but I would have liked to see a version without all the notifications for a bit cheaper as a lower priced kickstarter entry prize. The price is competitive with the hue bulb at 59.95. The hue can change colors, but you are stuck with the bulb you buy. The spark allows you to use it with nearly any bulb that fits into the socket and you can replace the bulbs as they go out without having to buy another $50 bulb. Great for quality of life and a great way to help save more deaf people during the zombie apocalypse.