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Quick Kicks 17 : The Mini Box & Hero Forge Custom 3D Printed Miniatures


The Mini Box



The Mini Box is a storage case for miniatures. It is not complicated or fancy but will keep your models safe while at home or on the road.

A sturdy cardboard construction that is designed to hold the weight of a small human but light weight and compact enough to work as an at home storage solution.

They are packing these boxes with enough foam to hold 160 models. The original foam will be 1″ Infantry foam and is designed to fit into most standard sized cases.

Box Dimensions -14.5″ x 11″ x 5.5″

Infantry Foam Dimensions 14″ x 10.5″ x 1.25″

The retail price on these boxes will be $30 making them cheaper than most of its competitors. They are accomplishing this by doing the designs ourselves and purchasing the boxes and foam in bulk.

Hero Forge Custom Miniatures



Whether you want to create stranger fare (good luck finding a dual-wielding halfling barbarian mini), capture key details (no one should be forced to make compromises on their dwarf’s beard style), or simply have more say in your mini than just the paint job, Hero Forge is for you!

There are many advantages to using 3D printing and digital models over the more traditional injection mold and sculpting techniques. Printing from digital models means they can easily scale our models up or down. Want 6 inch display versions of your party to immortalize their heroic deeds? Can do.

Playing a niche tabletop game that uses a larger or smaller scale? No problem. And that’s not all: the character builder will let you save high resolution screenshots of your model for your character sheet and overhead views for your favorite virtual tabletop program. You can even save your mini and edit it later so it can grow and change as your character does!

Quick Kicks 16 : Bud E Earbud Case and PixelStick Light Magic


The Bud-E: 3D Printed Earbud Wrapping Cases


The Bud-E earbud\earpod wrapping cases are functional figurines that are each 3D printed as one complete object.

This is an amazing time where the power of 3D-Printing\Additive Manufacturing has changed and will continue to change the landscape of how things are made and where they are made. This new technology is freeing artists and designers to make whatever they can dream up, and bring it to market, without the tremendous costs previously associated with traditional methods of manufacturing.

Both these cases are designed to support the traditional iPhone Earbud cords and the newer Earpod cords as well. The clean and cutely designed Bud-E opens to reveal housings for the Earbuds and spool to wrap your cord. Once wrapped you can either run the plug out the back to double as the tail of the figurine or close it up inside with the rest of the cord. When the front piece closes up the Earbuds/Earpods double as the figurines eyes, giving it a personality all its own, while your cord is safely packed away within the case.

The back has a belt clip that will allow you to easily carry the case around with you. The case can also be used to shorten or stabilize the cord while you use your Earbuds/Earpods.

Gotta go for the Kitty one.

pixelstick – Light painting evolved


Add photoreal images, abstract designs, and animation to your long exposure photos and timelapse.

Pixelstick reads images created in Photoshop (or the image editor of your choice) and displays them one line at a time, creating endless possibilities for abstract and/or photorealistic art. Taking this one step further, Pixelstick can increment through a series of images over multiple exposures, opening up light painting to the world of timelapse, and allowing for animations of a scope and quality never before seen.

Pixelstick consists of 198 full color RGB LEDs inside a lightweight aluminum housing. Pixelstick’s brain, a small mounted box, reads images from an SD card and displays them, one line at a time. Each LED corresponds to a single pixel in the image. The images themselves can be from 1 to 198 pixels tall and many thousands of pixels wide. The handle is perpendicular and has a secondary aluminum sleeve, allowing pixelstick to spin freely. Pixelstick uses 8 AA batteries.