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Since you found this page you probably came looking for either the Aedilis Ultima Online Server or the Aedilis Minecraft Server. Both servers are currently offline.

For many years Aedilis was alive based on the game of Ultima Online.

Aedilis UO

Some Building Shots

The world of Aedilis also came alive via the game of Minecraft.


Some Screenshots:

Aedilis Minecraft


The world of Aedilis is currently offline. I would like to say thanks to all the friends I made along the way and thanks to all the community members who joined me in the world of Aedilis.


  1. Jason says:

    Oh man, this takes me back. Miss the good old days of playing UO with you all. Aedilis basically defined the time i spent playing this game. Thanks for the ride, would do it all over again.


  2. Aedilis says:

    I used to play on the Aedilis UO server as Cianan. I was sad to see it go, but have endeavored to keep the name going by adopting it as my screen name. I even have it on a jersey I had made for my gaming review blog I run now. 🙂

    Im down for getting together and playing in a new game.

  3. Dekeya says:

    Will 2016 be the year of Aedilis Reborn.. again ?
    I miss Aedilis, Missed the whole Minecraft phase all together as well.
    Wonder if anyone even remembers me ‘Dekeya’ the annoying one…

  4. Michael Hehe says:

    Man this is like finding an internet time machine. I really miss the old days of UO. I hope everybody is doing well


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