This is the blog of Mike Cooke & Tracy Cooke.
We live in Issaquah, Washington. We have two cats and a munchkin.

About Mike

Mike grew up in southern California. He graduated from Rolling Hills Prep and Baylor University with a degree in Telecommunications.

He always liked to see the results of things that he does and his work history pretty much reflects that.

In college he ran a fairly popular Ultima Online custom server which he likes to think peaked around the top 10 servers in the world at the time. Ultima Online was one of the first MMORPG or massively multiplayer online role playing games out there. Mike started Aedilis on a whim with a complete stranger who he only knew from an internet forum. They quickly became friends. Mike ran the gaming world for a few years, but ended up closing it down after real life took away most of his virtual time.

As a young lad Mike would play with legos which took him on the path to being a home builder. Unfortunately that was just at the start of the U.S. economic crisis so he moved on and went to work in a slightly related field as graphic designer for a real estate company. Mike won his first set of design awards during this time.

Due to the economic crisis and real estate slump Mike needed to find more stable work and became a cashier at a retail pet store. He also helped out as an early morning stocker and quickly worked his way up the ranks to manager.

Mike left that job when his daughter was born and started working as a virtual assistant/web developer. Mike learned a lot about WordPress and web design in general on this job. It was also during this time that one of the blog designs that he worked on won an award in a design showcase. In early 2012 Mike decided to devote his time to raising his daughter and is currently undertaking his most challenging roll as a stay at home dad to his daughter Sam. Throughout all this Mike had been maintaining a family blog, updating stuff on Facebook, and a few other places, but now that he has some more free time, he thought it was a good time to redesign this blog using his newly honed WordPress skills.

In 2014 Mike rejoined the world of worker-bees and got a job as a Web Designer for a company in Lexington, KY. He gets to work with a bunch of great people for projects on an ever growing client list.

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About Tracy

Tracy Cooke grew up in Tulsa Oklahoma. She graduated from Union High School in 1998 and Baylor University in 2003 with a degree in Marketing after obtaining enough credit hours for a minor in Neuroscience.

She started working as a temp at Tempur-Pedic in the customer service call center. She worked her way into the marketing department and eventually becoming a Paralegal in the legal department. This is where her love of marketing and the logic of legal came together and her passion for trademarks, intellectual property and company branding was formed. From there Tracy worked at Alltech as a Paralegal in their legal department. She now works at Amazon.

As a young girl and even to this day she has always been creative and loves to create new and beautiful things; taking on new art projects like scrap booking, graphic design projects, or even jewelry making. When not busy working, Tracy likes to spend her free time with her family, especially her daughter, Samantha, watching her grow and learn to use her creativity and imagination that she has obviously been given from her mom & dad.

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About This Blog

We don’t really know what to expect out of this blog, some ideas are to promote Mike’s design work/projects, ideas/concepts, and general thoughts life and thoughts on various things we find around the internet.

Sit back, relax and enjoy the ride.

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  1. Lily says:

    Hi Tracy… OMGosh, I have spent probably the last 2 hours learning about you!.. I totally see myself in yuo.. My highest weight was 270, I lost 100 lbs, got married, had 2 kids, and I sit here in my living room weighing 224.. what? how did I get this bad? How did i get this big? I LOVED your binge letter…. that is so me.. today as a matter of fact.. I ate an ungodly amount of food, right now I feel sick to my stomach – literally – and the sad thing is I could still keep on eating, I don’t becuase my husband is here and he’d “think” I was a pig.. ha, if he only knew!.. anyway, truly an inspiration!.. I do have one question I did not find anywhere.. how tall are you??? My lwoest weight was 170, and I was still not at my goal.. actually, I never really had a goal, maybe that’s why I never got there. I’m only 5’3, I will be 41 this fall, and I have 2 little girls (21 months and 3 months) yes, started late in life.

    Anyway, I completely look forward to your reply.

    PS – I’m starting PIYO on monday and I’m VERY excited! 🙂

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