Summer Got Away From Us

Here we are sitting at one day until School starts up again and we don’t have much to show for our summer this year. It feels like we went everywhere around Seattle last summer and didn’t do a quarter of what we wanted to do this summer. Both Tracy and I were super busy at work so we ended up spending most weekends at home being bums. We wanted to do more outdoors stuff, but like the title says the summer kind of got away from us.

We had an unplanned move across town to a new apartment (more pics here).

I fell in love with the view at first sight + we now have air conditioning.

Last weekend we decided to go to Spokane and check out the Pig Out In the Park Food Festival. This was our first trip to Spokane. We enjoyed our time there and got to see some of the local sights. We found a Sonic and drank some cherry lime aids. I got to try Blaze Pizza, only to find out it is just like Mod Pizza.

Sammo played on the big wagon.


We saw the falls.

We ate some good food at the festival.

We enjoyed a super cool and yummy breakfast at Frank’s Diner

and I still need to work on that Zoo video that I promised in my last post.

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