Getting Healthy: It Takes Two

For another Throwback Thursday edition of my Getting Healthy posts, I wanted to share a comparison picture of not just me, but me and my partner in crime aka the husband, Mike.  We are always so busy snapping photos of our kiddo that these pictures of the two of us are rare.  Over the Labor Day weekend we took a family trip and I took a pic of the two of us.  When I took a look at the picture later on it got me thinking back to when we first met and how far we have come.

May 2005 to August 2014
May 2005 to August 2014

Getting healthy is not just a “me” thing.  It’s been a family affair.  From the way we eat to the way we conduct our daily lives, a lot has changed over the past few years and it shows.  Before I ever began my process, Mike was on his own to shed pounds as well.  While he will never kick his love of sweet things, he became more aware of what he was eating.   And now, we are each other’s checks and balances a lot of times when it comes to what we eat or that push to get moving.

When you are in the process to get healthy it helps to have the support wherever you can find it.  In my own journey I couldn’t have done it without Mike.  From giving me that sideways glance to say “check yourself Tracy” to watching the kiddo so I can go for a run, he’s been a huge supporter and helper to get me to where I am today and he’s looking pretty good himself these days too.

To getting healthier and better with age!


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