Getting Healthy: Why

The word why is very important when getting healthy and losing weight.  You have to find your WHY.  Each person has their own.  I know I’ve touched on this before, but when you are wavering on motivation, you have to go back to those whys.

This beautiful girl is one of my whys:

1915858_1438293167217_4844792_nbut back then I didn’t realize I needed a why.  I hadn’t reached the point in my life that I really saw the importance of having a why.

When my motivation has weakened through this journey I like to come back to my whys.  Why do I want to be healthy?  Why do I want to lose the weight?

To show my daughter how to be a strong, healthy woman.  To see my daughter graduate from high school and college.  To see my daughter get married and have children of her own.  To see her live her life from a beautiful little girl into a successful, smart, beautiful woman.

My why isn’t just for my daughter, but it is a big one.  I have had many whys along the way.  Some that are constant – to be healthy for my daughter, husband and family.  And some that have come and gone….to get to the next goal, run the next mile, or fit into a certain size clothing.

So, remember your whys and they will get you through to the next wave of motivation that you can ride to your next goal.



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