Getting Healthy: Being Healthy

So the last few weeks have been somewhat of a test for me.  I’ve come back to the conclusion that again I need to stop focusing on the scale (I know, someone is just going to have to beat me over the head with it to be me to understand this) and I need to focus on my overall health.  After getting the shingles earlier this year I’ve started having a multitude of health issues and I realized this week that I have not been practicing being healthy overall.  I’ve been so focused on diet and exercise and my mental health that I forgot about the BALANCE.

You have to find a happy medium when it comes to getting healthy overall.

Over the past year and a half I’ve focused in on cleaning up my diet, making exercise routine, and taking control of my mental health, but at times I take one of these to the extreme and I forget that everything needs balance.

Losing weight is not going to be the rest of my life, but living a healthy life is.

So where does this leave me?

  • I’m celebrating everything I have done to get me to this point.  I found the most unflattering photo of me that was taken a few weeks before I started this journey and it really reminded me how far I have come.


  • I’m going into “maintenance” when it comes to calories.  The idea of this is literally terrifying for me.  TERRIFYING.  After counting calories (at a deficit) for 19 months, it’s shocking to think I can “eat more”.  Now, that doesn’t mean I’m going to start a daily routine of ice cream and oreos, but it does mean I can splurge more here and there and eat a little more of things that I love…like sweet potatoes and black beans.  And I will always log my food and participate in the wonderful community on MyFitnessPal, but relax on the constant pressure I once put on myself to log every single calorie.
  • I’m continuing to challenge myself with new workout routines and programs that help me gain more strength and stamina, but don’t kill my body.  I want to tone and become stronger.
  • I’m practicing the skills I have learned to cope with my anxiety and depression.  And continuing to look inside myself on how to better manage them.
  • And learning when to stop.  How to keep the balance.  When to know I’ve gone too far or not far enough.  Listening to my body.

So, I’m working on practicing what I preach, finding the balance in my life, and celebrating how far I have come.

May 2014

Thank you everyone for always being amazing supporters!

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