Getting Healthy: New Workout Gear

When you are on the journey to get healthy, nothing makes you feel better than some new workout gear and a dear friend of mine got me hooked on Athleta’s clothes.  I am in LOVE with everything Athleta.  I’m pretty sure I have circled one of everything in the last catalog I got in the mail.

Their clothes are amazing for any type of workout.  I’ve started up another round of T25 (yes, I couldn’t stay away from Shaun T for too long), which means I need something tight with compression that will hold everything in and keep it from bouncing all over the place when Shaun T has me jumping, shuffling and doing 100 burpees.

photo1The first thing any girl (guys are so lucky) needs is a good sports bra to hold the girls in (You know what I’m talking about.  Let’s just be thankful that mine are not as deadly now that I’m smaller.).  I found the Hullabraloo Bra from Athleta that is AMAZE-BALLS!  By far the best sports bra I have ever owned.

The next thing on the shopping list for me is a good pair of compression pants.  I’ve tried all kinds from full tights, shorts, and capris and I personally prefer the “knickers” length that comes just below my knees but gives me full coverage everywhere I need it.  I always feel like when I wear capris that I’m hiking them up and with shorts I’m pulling them down, so knickers are the way to go.  I got the Be Free Knicker from Athleta (size M).  These compression pants are great for HIIT workouts, running, yoga, whatever you want to do!  They hold EVERYTHING in and stay in place.  For anyone who is losing weight and working out I strongly recommend compression pants.  If you have any loose skin or fat, compression pants help in keeping all of that in place so it doesn’t hinder your workouts.  Because seriously who wants your belly to be bouncing more than your whole body?

Finally, a good compression/support top rounds it out for me.  I found the Empowerment Tank from Athleta (size M). I went with a slightly tighter fit on this top to make it more of a compression tank to once again hold the tummy.  Love this top with all the cool straps on it in the back.

For a girl on a budget, Athleta is a little pricey, but definitely worth the price because the clothes hold up.  If you can’t afford Athleta though, I would recommend Old Navy’s active wear.  Until now, I have been an exclusive Old Navy active wear girl, but it was time to treat myself to some really nice workout clothes to keep me moving forward on my journey.

Starting weight: 317lbs | Current Weight: 181lbs | Goal Weight: 175lbs + Healthy

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