Kickstarter: Chain mail Collars For Cats


You like to be stylish, so why shouldn’t your pet? Kit them out with a chainmail collar with safety clasp and make your pet stand out!

Make your furry friend a furry warrior with Catmaille Chainmail Cat Collars.

The Chainmail Cat Collar is constructed from aluminium rings handmade using a chainmail technique called “Full Persian Weave”. This is a strong weave that won’t come apart. The collar also incorporates a safety clasp into the design. This is to ensure should your cat become trapped on a branch or fence for example, the collar will not trap the cat and will break under stress.

Nice to see they took into account that cats need breakaway collars. Available in multiple colors and also now available for dogs as well.

Having Trouble Viewing the Video? Visit the Kickstarter Project Page by Clicking Here

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