Getting Healthy: Exclusions

Whenever I have started a “diet” before I was always excluding so many of the things I ate AND all at once.  Without fail I would end up hungry, cranky and mad.

This time around, making smart choices has been another lesson I have learned.   I LOVE food.  Seriously cannot emphasize LOVE enough.  But, with my smarter choices and becoming healthy, I still eat the things I love but either in smaller quantities or as a treat.  Also, my tastes have changed.  I find with the exercises I’m doing and while trying to find ways to maximize quality of food for calories, I am eating differently.

The one thing I have excluded completely is pop.  And, I think it’s one of the best decisions I made. Being a southern/midwest girl and living in Oklahoma and Texas for most of my childhood there was one pop I loved more than anything….Dr. Pepper.  But, becoming the healthy person I want to be made me realize that I had to give it up.  So, I started slowly.  I know some people are “all or nothing” types, but that is NOT me.  I have to learn to be without something.  I started going from 1 a day to 1 every other day to 1 a week and finally none at all.  Over 3 months to remove it completely from my diet, but it made it so much easier.

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