Guild Wars 2 – Five Months In


Five months in to Guild Wars 2 and still going strong. My main character is up to 81% map completion. I took a break from going out on my own and have been working with my wife Tracy to bring her character up to 80 so we can complete the map together. She is at level 51 so it will take a bit before we get around to completing the rest of the map.

I picked up new armor for my character going with the Order of The Whispers heavy armor. My ranger is hovering around level 45 and I also started leveling up my alternate characters. I got them all to level 12 and am trying to figure out which class to focus on next.

ArenaNet has added random daily tasks now which is nice. Rather than doing the same tasks every day to earn the daily badge you get to do different things. New tasks include daily dodger, daily healer, daily veteran killer, daily gatherer and a few others. They also added in a new form of currency called Laurels that you get for completing the daily achievement tasks and the monthly achievement tasks. The Laurels can then be used for higher level items.

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