Site Updated With Required+ Foundation


I have used several different theme frameworks for the base of my site. I started the new look for my site by modifying an existing theme called Delicate. Delicate is a nifty little theme, but I wanted a bit more so I moved to Paglines. Pagelines gave me more than I ever needed in a theme framework and I found myself not using most of what was there.

I began looking into making my own themes and decided to look for a free framework that I could base my new themes on and came across Foundation. I poked around a bit more and found out some nice people had already setup the Foundation bits to work with WordPress. I tried out WP-Foundation, Reverie and a few others.

I ended up choosing to go with required+ Foundation. I chose required+ Foundation because it was already setup with the child theme in mind. Although it is pretty easy to create a child theme for any Worpdress theme it was nice that the groundwork was already there. Required+ Foundation is also the new hot thing on the block. It doesn’t bother with options so everything is done in code which will help with my development as a designer.

I have required+ Foundation setup here on my CookeFamily Blog and over at The Sammo Project. I plan on working out some new styles via child themes for distribution in the future.

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