So I have become addicted to Minecraft. For those that don’t know, minecraft is a sandbox game that lets you mine stuff then craft stuff. You mine rocks, wood, sand etc.. then create tools and buildings out of the resources that you gather. It takes my favorite parts of my old addiction Ultima Online adds in a hint of Lego and turns them into a full 3d block building fun world.

The world is near infinite, the more you travel the world, the bigger the map gets. In single player there are monsters that come out at night and try to kill you. You must work up to building a shelter to be safe at night.

I am currently playing Multiplayer over on the ArsTechnica server. It is pretty fun. I have already built one house then took it down to rebuild it elsewhere. They have a cool zoom-able google map of the server.

You are tossed into an unknown world with nothing but the clothes on your back. Your initial tools are only your fists. You must forage for resources and supplies to make your way in this wonderful world of blocks. You must choose what to do. Do you start gathering resources first or do you build your own shelter first. Food will replenish your health, but can you take down animals in order to get food? Choose your own adventure style as you wonder through the mysterious multitudes of Minecraft.

The game is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Right now it is still in Alpha state and is 50% off at something like $14.


Site: http://www.minecraft.net
A good tutorial: http://www.minecraftforum.net/viewtopic.php?f=35&t=19065

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