Star Wars The Force Unleashed


I made my way through Star Wars The Force Unleashed for the Xbox 360 the other day. I never got around to finishing it due to several glitches I encountered in my first few run troughs. I made a fresh start this time around and it took me 7 hours off and on to get through the game. It felt a little short while playing and that does seem a bit short for something some people paid like $50 for.

The story was OK, it felt like the story could have been anything. They did a decent job of setting this game in the Star Wars universe, but the main character could really have been anyone doing anything. Sure he had force powers, but he could just as well had magic powers. This could have been Darksiders had it had different skins and character names.

My biggest annoyance with The Force Unleashed is the humping and limited locations you can get to. You are supposed to be one of the strongest force users around. You can fight and defeat Jedi and Sith masters, yet you can’t jump up to the top of a trash pile easily. Another annoyance is the limited places that you visit.There are many worlds in the Star Wars universe, yet we get stuck visiting the same planets more than once.

Overall a decent action adventure game with some magic thrown in with a Star Wars skin. I suggest renting this game or buying it cheap.

I give Star Wars The Force Unleashed 3 Out 5 Monkeys

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