We rule



We rule is a Farmville like App for the iPhone and iPad with time based tasks such as farming, mining, tailoring, and more. It is a pretty fun game if you are into these kinds of games. The good news is that if you have played any of the time management games on Facebook then you can play this game with little instruction. You can build farms. You can plant and harvest crops. You can build other buildings that allow you to do other tasks. You gain experience and coins as you do these things. You can use your coins to build more things. You level up with your experience points. You can expand your kingdom as you gain levels and coins.

We rule is free to download and play. You can spend real life money on mojo, a magical in game liquid used to speed up the growth process of your crops or the build time on your construction process. You don’t have to buy mojo as you do get some free mojo each time you level up. Unlike Farmville so far mojo is the only thing you can buy. You don’t need to spend real world money on special crops or decorations. Everything you see as an option in your inventory can be built using in game coins. All you need to do to use everything is to level up. There is still a social element to we rule. You can add your friends, visit their kingdoms and even order some goods in their virtual shops. If you have an iPad over iPhone and play we rule my username is stormwolf359, feel free to add me as a friend.

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