20 Hours


20 Hours… Working for a corporation is good for the most part. They bring in the needed structure to the retail environment. They bring in the experience of nationwide experience. They keep the cogs going in the retail machine. With all that they leave out the needs of the individual store.

So back to my 20 hours, that is all the extra time I need at work to get my job done the right way. One extra person for 20 hours a week. At minimum wage that is about , ~$140 a week more to pay somebody to help me get the product out of the stock room and on to the floor where we could sell it and make more money.

I love my job, but this is the biggest thing that annoys me about my job. At this time the corporate overloads are unwilling to give us more time to get the product into the store. We are there to help the customers, but if the item they are looking for is stuck on a pallet in the back we don’t have the hours to send somebody back there to get it.

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